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Cheapest Tesla!!!Model 2 to be available in 2025


Recently, according to overseas media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the brand’s new entry-level model, Model 2, will be launched for sale in 2025, and its project name is "Redwood". It is reported that the new car will be put into production at factories in Mexico, Berlin and Shanghai. Its price is also expected to drop further after it is put into production in the domestic market later. At the same time, Musk also refuted rumors that Model 2 has been cancelled, and the former will be carried out at the same time as the Robotaxi project.

Previously, foreign media exposed a set of spy photos of what appeared to be Tesla's new entry-level model. The aerial photos were taken at Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory. The rear shape of the camouflaged car parked next to Model Y is different from Model Y and Model 3. The overall size of the car is smaller and it looks like a fastback-style coupe SUV.

We can take a look at the imaginary diagram of Tesla’s entry-level model Model 2 drawn by foreign media. The one above adopts a hatchback shape, equipped with sharp headlights and a through-type lower surround air intake. The car below basically continues the coupe SUV shape of the Model Y, adopting a large fastback design. It is reported that compared with Model 3, Model 2 will be about 15% shorter in length, about 30% lighter in weight, and about 25% smaller in battery capacity. Model 2 will use new safer and cheaper batteries.

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