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Dayun Group is a Chinese conglomerate based in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. Here are some key details about the Dayun brand:

Established: The company was founded in 1987.

Products: Dayun Group manufactures a wide range of products including heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, and engines. They also have a real estate division.

Subsidiaries: Dayun Group has several divisions including Dayun Light Truck, Dayun Motor, Dayun Motorcycle, Dayang Motorcycle, Weichai Engine, Dayun Real Estate Development, and Luoyang Dayun.

New EV Brand: On the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, a new EV brand called Yuanhang Auto appeared. Yuanhang Auto is a premium brand under the Dayun Group.

Headquarters: Dayun Auto Co., Ltd is headquartered in Yuncheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanxi Province.

Business: It is a private enterprise integrating automobile R&D, production, sales, and service, with a registered capital of 1.07 billion yuan and total assets of more than 11 billion yuan.

Production Bases: Dayun has three wholly-owned subsidiary production bases in Yuncheng, Chengdu, and Shiyan. The Yuncheng base produces heavy trucks and new energy vehicles, the Chengdu base produces light trucks, and the Shiyan base produces medium trucks.

Dayun Group is a significant player in the Chinese automotive industry, with a diverse range of products and a strong focus on innovation and technology. It's an exciting time for the company as they continue to expand and develop new products!

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Dayun EV6 Pickup

Dayun EV6 Pickup

Dayun EV6 Pickup is a high-performance, intelligent, and environmentally friendly electric pickup truck model. It combines the most advanced electric technology and practical features of pickup trucks in contemporary times, providing users with a brand new driving experience.

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