Honda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V
  • Honda HR-VHonda HR-V

Honda HR-V

EXV, known as Aecoauto too, operates as a supplier in China, providing a variety of cars, among which is the renowned Honda HR-V. The Honda HR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV offering a versatile interior, efficient engines, and agile handling. It's designed to appeal to urban drivers seeking a practical and stylish vehicle.

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Product Description

We are EXV, also recognized as Aecoauto, and we supply a variety of cars in China, including the renowned Honda HR-V.

182 Nm / 4500rpm 105kW / 6000rpm 5.13L / 100 km

High energy inspiration

Wuhan hotel

Electric inspiration presents outstanding unique type forge ahead, do not collect the tide is still sharp

Strong model appreciation

Lang Shangfeng Mang

Beauty to appreciate

Six-size star screen grille LEO through-through crystal drill headlights
Integral induction door handle

ADB matrix headlights

ACL active steering lighting system

Foot induction electric tailgate
LED through type combination taillights
18 inch aluminum alloy wheels
MVC5 360° Panoramic image system
Advanced Card Keys
12 speakers return to the 5E sound
Prediction of energy-saving auxiliary function
10 Air bag / air curtain system

Hypergeneration of sno oxygen

Strength gather to lead the tide of driving

Double motor all complete, all for the desire to start to mix, the interpretation of pure driving interest

Fourth-generation i-MMD dual-motor hybrid power system

Intelligent drive.

Life is on the ring

From the perspective of life, open up a new dimension of intelligence more convenient, more sense, more secure

10.1-inch port A intelligent screen interconnection
Mobile phone remote control

Digital key

Make the phone a car key, which can be operated from unlocking the door to starting the engine, without directly transferring the physical key, even remote users can authorize the key.

Car home interconnection

Tmall elf

Connected with smart speakers, home appliances can also be operated in the car

Honda SENSING Safety and super sensitivity

Everything is going smoothly

Port TA online upgrade

Cloud services and OTA will continue to upgrade and strengthen functions, such as additional customized voice functions, providing more personalized exclusive services through in-depth learning of user behavior preferences, and constantly adding applications and functions.


Active cruise control system (with L5F low-speed following function)

Through the camera to detect the distance and speed difference between their own vehicle and the vehicle in front of them, and automatically adjust their own speed, so that the vehicle maintains a certain safe distance from the car ahead

The LKAS lane-keeping Assist system

Through the camera, detect the vehicle in the lane, and assist the steering wheel steering operation to keep the vehicle in the lane


Lane offset suppression system (with LOW lane offset warning function)

Through the camera to identify the lane, when the vehicle deviates from the lane, the alarm and the steering wheel vibrate, and the steering time to assist the vehicle to return to the lane


Traffic identification intelligent identification system

Check the road sign (speed limit) through the camera, display the content of the sign, and remind the driver to pay attention to it

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