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The Denza Z9 GT Black Warrior Edition is Revealed with Combat Feeling


A few days ago, we obtained a set of real car pictures of the Denza Z9 GT Darth Vader version from the Internet platform. This car realizes three-motor independent drive and is equipped with rear-wheel steering technology. In addition, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Denza, who has just driven the model, said that he will hold a technical conference on the Denza Z9 GT shortly and start pre-sale simultaneously.

Denza Z9 GT is positioned as a medium and large GT sedan, with a hunting coupe shape, and a plug-in hybrid version and a pure electric version are available in power. The Darth Vader version of this real shot is a pure electric model, with a maximum horsepower of nearly 1,000 horsepower for the three motors.

It was designed by a team led by Wolfgang Iger, BYD's global design director. The front face adopts a closed grille and hangs a 3D luminous brand logo, and the pure electric model is also equipped with a front trunk. The front surround adopts an AGS active air intake grille, presenting a three-stage design. The front lip at the bottom is in the shape of a "wind shovel", and deep motion diversion grooves are arranged on both sides to dissipate heat from the equipment at the front of the car. There are lidars on both sides of the front surround, which means that the real model will be equipped with the "Eye of the Gods" high-end intelligent driving assistance system.

The overall "Darth Vader" outfit is the highlight of this Denza Z9 GT, showing the powerful aura of tension. It adopts a rearward center of gravity design to create a rearward hunting sports car body posture and is equipped with frameless doors, electric suction doors, 21-inch sports wheels, red front four-piston calipers, and a special "Z" decorative line, which extends to the position of the side skirt and is connected back and surrounded. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the new car are 5180 (5195)/1990/1500 (1480) mm, and the wheelbase is 3125mm.

At the rear of the car, one of the highlights of the Z9 GT is the liftable electric rear wing above the trunk, the large-sized spoiler above the roof, and the sporty surrounding of the bottom with a diffuser shape, which brings a more dynamic sporty atmosphere.

In the interior part, according to previous spy photos, the center console layout of the Denza Z9 GT is not much different from that of the Denza N7. The front of the steering wheel is equipped with a full LCD meter, the middle part is equipped with a floating LCD screen, and the passenger seat side is also equipped with an entertainment LCD screen. The difference mainly comes from the stopper and the armrest area. The Denza Z9 GT uses crystal stoppers, and the button area has a horizontal layout, replacing the vertical button layout of the Denza N7.

In terms of power, the Denza Z9 GT adopts the Yunchan-A intelligent air body control system (mainly air suspension). The pure electric version is equipped with three motors at the front 230kW and the rear 240kW + 240kW, with a combined maximum power of 710kW (966 horsepower) and a maximum speed of 240km/h. The battery capacity is 100.096kWh and the maximum range is 630km. The plug-in hybrid version is equipped with a 2.0T engine and three drive motors (front 200kW, rear 220kW + 220kW), with a combined power of 640kW (870 horsepower), a battery capacity of 38.512kWh, and a pure electric range of 161km.

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