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Zhidou Rainbow officially launched


We learned from the official that the new micro electric vehicle under the Zhidou brand——Rainbow is officially launched, with a total of 5 configurations launched for the new car. The new car provides a smart and cute styling design, and the configuration is relatively basic. It is a 3-door, 4-seater model. It has two types of electric motors, 20 and 30 kilowatts, and a range of up to 205km. At the same time, the official announced the new product plan on site. In the next three years, 8 models will be launched, and in 5 years, a product matrix of 16 models will be launched.

From the appearance, the new car is similar to the Hongguang MINI EV and is positioned as a micro electric car. It adopts a three-door and four-seater design, and the overall shape design is more cute. At the same time, the Y-shaped daytime running lights, combined with the large trapezoidal air intake below, enhance vehicle recognition.

The side shape is flat and uses a large number of horizontal lines, which visually brings some sense of extension. Generally speaking, the new car adopts the currently popular two-tone body, which adds to the vehicle’s fashion sense. In addition, the taillight set of the car also adopts a Y-shaped light cavity structure, which forms a good visual echo with the headlight set of the car. It is worth mentioning that this car is a 3-door, 4-seater model with relatively basic configurations. The turn signals are integrated in the fenders, and the door handles are also more traditional pull-out types. The new car is equipped with 145/80 R13 tires.

The rear shape of the car is slightly square, and the taillights echo the shape of the headlights. Mid-to-high-end models are equipped with rear parking radar and reversing imaging.

The interior shape is simple but cute. A large number of round design elements are used in the car, and the cream color combination makes the car look more warm. The double-spoke steering wheel is paired with suspended instruments and central controls to enhance the sense of technology. In terms of model size, its length, width and height are 3224/1515/1630mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2100mm. However, its size is obviously larger than that of Hongguang MINI EV, with the length of the car being 304mm and the wheelbase being increased by 160mm.

In terms of power, the new car's pure electric range will be 125, 201km and 205km under CLTC operating conditions. The maximum power of the motor will be 20kW and 30kW. The battery will use Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Honeycomb Energy lithium iron phosphate batteries. The suspension structure is a non-independent suspension combination of front MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam.

● Listing background

The Zhidou brand has been in the micro electric vehicle market for a long time, but it has experienced some bumps in the process. In the first quarter of 2024, not long ago, Zhidou Auto announced the completion of its capital strategic reorganization. Geely Automobile Group, Mr. Zhang Jian, founder of Emma Technology, Mr. Bao Wenguang, founder of Zhidou Auto, Jinshajiang United Venture Capital, Three Gorges Capital, Shenzhen Yuanzhi Fuhai and others work together to rejuvenate Zhidou Automobile.Zhidou RainbowIt is the first model after the brand refresh, a four-wheel mini car, which provides more possibilities for consumption upgrades for the Emma user group. At the same time, Emma’s market size of selling tens of millions of vehicles annually allows Emma to help Zhidou reduce procurement costs. The 30,000 stores will also have a positive effect on Zhidou’s subsequent channel layout.

● Competitive product analysis

"Hongguang MINIEV"

The biggest rival of the vehicle is probably Hongguang MINIEV. Just by looking at the styling, Zhidou Caihong can even be called a senior. Hongguang MINIEV has strong background resources and has fully accumulated brand influence. In February this year, Wuling Hongguang announced that the cumulative sales of the Hongguang MINIEV family exceeded 1.2 million units. Zhidou Caihong has also accumulated popularity. At the same time, the demand for micro electric vehicles in the domestic market shows scattered geographical characteristics. Compared with traditional car brands, its consumer groups are more dispersed in the secondary and tertiary markets. Naai Ma's rich sales channels provide more possibilities for the expansion of Zhidou Rainbow.

★ Editor’s comments:

If Hongguang MINIEV is a product segmented by Hongguang Auto into the basic market, then Zhidou Rainbow is a bottom-up upgraded segmented product for existing Emma users. Under the trend of increasingly standardized low-speed micro electric vehicles, many "Laotou Le" are no longer able to take to the road, but user demand is still there. Zhidou Caihong provides more options for this group of people, and at the same time has a battery life of more than 200km. And the colorful color matching also allows a wider audience. In addition to picking up children, it also provides a solution to protect against wind and rain when commuting to and from get off work.

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