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The DENZAZ9GT trim level is coming! What's the name?


Recently, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of DENZA's sales division, said on his social media that everyone is invited to vote for the name of the DENZAZ9GT sedan, with names including "DENZAZ9" and "DENZAZ9L". Zhao Changjiang said: "Everyone voted more than 10,000 votes, so I urged the cameraman to finish shooting the appearance of the sedan version this month and publish it."

As of press time, 1,787 people have participated in voting for the new car name, and the voting will end in 2 days. Currently, the number of voters for "DENZAZ9" is 1,263, and the number of voters for "DENZAZ9L" is 524. Previously at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Zhao Changjiang said: "The DENZAZ9GT technology will be released in May 2024, and then pre-sales will begin. It will be officially launched in the middle of the year and will be officially delivered within one or two months."

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