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What are the advantages of the Honda enp: 2 over the other two pure electric cars?


Nowadays, new energy is the mainstream of the automobile industry. Charging infrastructure construction across the country is becoming more and more complete, and pure electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular among market consumers. At this year’s 2024 Beijing Auto Show,HondaBringing the blockbuster new product e:NP2 advanced version, this time the editor has found two other popular pure electric vehicles:bz4X andtoyotabZ3, let’s take a look at which of these three cars is more worth buying?

What needs to be explained first is that the three models compared this time are: 2024 modelse:np2Advanced version, 2024 modelbz4X 615 AIR version (referred to asbz4X) and the 2024 bZ3 616km long range Pro (bZ3 for short), according to Autohome data, although the guide prices are different, they are put together for comparison.

[Appearance comparison]

When these three pure electric vehicles are put together, which model do you think is the best looking? The editor personally thinks that it is stillenpThe design of 2 is more youthful. The highlight of the entire front face is the daytime running lights. The through-type design also extends downwards, which can visually widen the body. At the same time, the "H" logo in the middle will also illuminate. This is also a pure electric car. Exclusive recognition.

bzThe appearance of 4X has a completely different design language. The outline of the headlights extends upward, while the lower license plate position looks a bit bare. There are also air ducts on both sides to dissipate heat for the brakes. The editor personally feelsbz4X is better with dark paint.

toyotabZ3 is the only sedan in this comparison. Its design language is actually the same asbzThe 4X is somewhat similar. The front face also uses through-type daytime running lights, which can enhance recognition, but the design of the lower surround is slightly conservative.

Looking at the side lines again, it needs to be explained in advance that althoughenp2 is positioned as a compact SUV, but its body length is already longer thanbz4X (positioned as a mid-size SUV) andtoyotabZ3 (positioned as a mid-size car) is longer, and you can clearly see that,enp2's body design is that of a crossover, showing more personality than the other two.

When your eyes come to the rear, you will find it when the hatchback tailgate is opened.enpThe design of 2 is so attractive. This feeling cannot be given by other models. The taillight design complements the headlights and also has some design styles of the Honda family.bz4X andtoyotaThe taillight design style of bZ3 is relatively similar, and it is a bifurcated idea.

[Interior Comparison]

After looking at the exterior, let’s take a look at the interior design.enp2 is the mainstream design style that favors pure electric new energy. The wrap-around design is what the editor personally prefers. The three-spoke steering wheel integrates multi-function buttons, and the 12.8-inch central control LCD screen can realize many multimedia functions. Honda has also integrated air conditioning and seat adjustment here.

bzThe interior design style of the 4X is more Toyota-like. If you are a Toyota fan/car owner, you must be familiar with this interior. However, Toyota has always focused on durability. It is good to retain some physical buttons, but it always feels like it lacks some pure features. The feeling of a tram.

andbz4X In comparison,toyotaThe interior design of bZ3 is very simple. In front of the polygonal steering wheel is a standing instrument panel, and the central control screen is also placed vertically. This is very unique. From this look, the center of gravity of the entire front of the car is at the center console knob.

【Space comparison】

enpThe body size of 2 is 4787/1838/1570mm, and the wheelbase is 2735mm;bzThe body size of 4X is 4690/1860/1650mm and the wheelbase is 2850mm; the body size of Toyota bZ3 is 4725/1835/1475mm and the wheelbase is 2880mm.

Compared with the three,enp2 has the longest body length, which provides basic conditions for its internal space, but its wheelbase is not as good as the other two. Although it is not known yetenpThe trunk volume of 2 may also be affected by the hatchback tailgate, but visually it is not a problem at all for daily household use.

[Vehicle Configuration Comparison]

Since there are many models and configurations, let’s focus on the highlights!

(1) All three models are equipped with 18-inch wheels, brake force distribution, brake assist, traction control, body stability control, lane departure warning, active braking, forward collision warning, low-speed warning, automatic parking, and uphill assist. , full-speed adaptive cruise, L2 level driving assistance, lane keeping, road traffic sign recognition, keyless start, battery preheating, etc.

(2) All three models are equipped with main and passenger airbags, front side airbags, and front and rear head airbags, but JiPai 2 has unique front space airbags, and the other two do not.

(3)enp2 has unique fatigue driving tips, which the other two do not have.

(4)enp2 and bZ3 have sport/economy/standard/snow modes, while Bozhi 4X only has economy and snow modes.

(5)enp2 and bZ3 have front and rear parking sensors, but Bozhi 4X does not.

(6)enp2 is a 360-degree panoramic image, and the other two only have reversing images.

(7)enp2 has 8 ultrasonic radars, the other two have none.

(8)enp2 and bZ3 have satellite navigation, but Bozhi 4X does not.

(9)enp2 has parallel assist, but the other two do not.

(10)enp2 does not have lane centering, the other two do.

(11)enp2 has an electric trunk, but the other two do not.

(12)enp2 and Bozhi 4X have remote start, but bZ3 does not.

(13)enp2 has external discharge, but the other two do not.

(14)enp2 and bZ3 have electric sunroof, but Bozhi 4X does not.

(15)enp2 has multi-layer soundproof glass throughout the car and rear privacy glass, but the other two do not.

(16)enp2 has exterior rearview mirrors that lock and fold automatically, but the other two do not.

(17)enp2 supports CarPlay and CarLife. Bozhi 4X supports CarPlay, CarLife and HiCar, while bZ3 does not.

(18)enp2 supports gesture control and facial recognition, but the other two do not.

(19)enp2 supports active noise reduction and simulated sound waves, but the other two are not supported.

(20)enp2 has HUD and wireless charging for mobile phones, but the other two do not.

[Comparison of power and suspension systems]

All three models are pure electric vehicles, with a single motor at the front.enp2 is equipped with a 68.8kWh ternary lithium battery with a maximum power of 150kW, a peak torque of 310Nm, a CLTC pure electric range of 545 kilometers, and a power consumption of 13.2kWh per 100 kilometers. It takes 0.6 hours to fast charge the battery from 30% to 80%, and 9.5 hours to slow charge from 5% to 100%.

bz4X is equipped with a 66.7kWh ternary lithium battery with a maximum power of 150kW, a peak torque of 266.3Nm, a CLTC pure electric range of 615 kilometers, and a power consumption of 11.6kWh per 100 kilometers. It takes 0.5 hours to fast charge the battery from 30% to 80%, and 10 hours to slow charge from 5% to 100%.

bZ3 is equipped with a 65.28kWh lithium iron phosphate battery with a maximum power of 180kW, a peak torque of 303Nm, a CLTC pure electric range of 616 kilometers, and a power consumption of 12kWh per 100 kilometers. It takes 0.45 hours to fast charge the battery from 0 to 80%, and 9.5 hours to slow charge from 0 to 100%.

All three are front-engined and front-wheel drive, and all have front MacPherson independent suspension, but the rear suspensions are different.enp2 is torsion beam non-independent suspension,bz4X is a double-wishbone independent suspension, and bZ3 is a double-link independent suspension. As a family car driven by pure electric power, I feel that configuration and battery life are more important in comparison. Not many people will pay attention to the differences in dynamic driving control caused by different suspension forms.

【Article summary】

Through the above comparison, I believe you have an understanding of the differences between the three models. Overall, I personally prefer JiPai 2 because of its higher appearance and younger interior design. , the configuration is also more complete, although the cruising range is slightly lower than the other two competitors, but with fast charging, you don’t have to worry too much about this problem. In addition, I really like the fastback roof and hatchback tailgate.

And if you liketoyotaIf you want to buy an SUV model with a more family-like appearance design and a longer battery life, thenbzThe product strength of 4X is also good, but only if you accept the more homely interior design style of Bozhi 4X.

fortoyotaAs for the bZ3 sedan, it was developed by a joint venture established by Toyota and BYD (BYD is responsible for the three-electric system and Toyota is responsible for the design/tuning). It can be seen that the overall strength of this model is also outstanding. The model has been on the market for a long time, and there are currently good discounts, which further highlights its cost-effectiveness.

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