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Analysis of EXEED's STERRA EXLANTIX ET and Its Market Positioning


After being used to seeing domestic automobiles beating Rolls Royce on PPT, which is always the best within 5 million and the best within 10 million, then seeing EXEED's STERRA EXLANTIX ET take out Audi Q5L as the object of beating at the listing conference, and then shouting out a sentence of "the best electric SUV within 500,000", I have a feeling of this company is so honest and so restrained The company is so honest, so restrained, so polite. After all, if one were to choose between Rolls-Royce Cullinan and any domestic new energy SUV, everyone would choose the former without hesitation.

STERRA EXLANTIX ET, extended-range pure electric are all going to be in front of the ideal problem is that the extended-range label is deeply rooted in the people's hearts and minds, and pure electric, but people don't quite buy it, how can we do it? Posed in front of the extreme Krypton Azure Peng Avita and other pure electric car companies is the problem that everyone is still a little less confident in pure electric, extended range sells well, should we follow? For STERRA EXLANTIX ET, there is no such problem, figure to save trouble to buy the extended range version, want to get the best experience, buy the pure electric version, all to do, all to give, the right to choose the user.

In the twilight era of domestic fuel vehicles, Chery's engine technology is also considered to be unique in the country, which also supports Chery's overseas export business. STERRA EXLANTIX ET is Chery's first range-extended model, which is also equipped with a high-performance range-extended specialized engine researched and developed by Chery, with a thermal efficiency of 44.5%. In addition, this engine also has a very good fuel-electricity conversion efficiency, which can achieve 3.65kWh of power generation from 1L of fuel, the best WLTC feed-in fuel consumption of 5.2L/100km for SUVs in the same class, and a comprehensive range of 1518km under full fuel and full power.

The STERRA EXLANTIX ET Extended Range Edition's battery is not small either, with all three versions having a 32-degree battery, produced by Ningde Times, and a pure electric range of 200km. The STERRA EXLANTIX ET Pure Electric Edition comes in two battery versions, with 77-degree and 100-degree batteries respectively, and a maximum range of 760km. As for the battery, STERRA EXLANTIX ET is also more willing to spend the cost, using the Ningde Times Shenxing super-charged battery, the whole system of 800V high-voltage fast charging, the fastest can be achieved in 11.5 minutes to replenish the energy of 475 kilometers. Chery also highlights its experience of replenishment and discharge power at low temperatures and low power: at minus 20 degrees Celsius, it takes only 24 minutes to charge from 20% to 80% of the power in a low-temperature environment, and under the condition of 20% low power, it can also accelerate to a 100km on snow and ice at minus 20 degrees Celsius, achieving an acceleration rate of 5.46s.

Excellent chassis, good cockpit, smart driving start Generally speaking, many new car-making forces will emphasize the level of their smart cockpit, as well as the level of smart driving, and then point out that the future trend is ‘the car is sitting without driving’, but the veteran car-making enterprises will still pay attention to the driving experience, as well as the corresponding chassis tuning and so on. STERRA EXLANTIX ET is also rare, in the launch of the chassis emphasis on the New Energy Vehicles. At the same time, here Chery also rarely shouted out ‘STERRA EXLANTIX ET equipped with comparable to the driving control of the million-class luxury car gimbal intelligent chassis’, finally exceeded 500,000, the standard of million luxury cars. This Gimbal Intelligent Chassis adopts a front high-level double-wishbone design and is equipped with IAS Intelligent Air Suspension and CDC Electromagnetic Damping System, which can achieve milliseconds-level active and continuous adjustment of suspension damping, striking a balance between maneuverability and comfort.

In addition, STERRA EXLANTIX ET adopts six-piston fixed calipers, with a braking distance of 34.8 meters per 100 kilometers, a turning radius of 5.65 meters, and a maximum wading depth of 700+50mm, which is able to cope with heavy rainfall and waterlogged roads. Cabin and intelligent driving, STERRA EXLANTIX ET size is the medium and large, car length, width, and height of 4955 × 1975 × 1698mm, wheelbase of the whole 3 meters, the effective space of the cabin is 3.45m³, plus 1.57 square meters of canopy translucent area, the car's spacious sense of permeability is certainly stronger than the Q5L.

In terms of comfort, STERRA EXLANTIX ET also gives a good choice: Nuprima micro-suede matte leather, the main driver's luxury extra-wide audio headrests, 16-way electric floating zero-gravity passenger seat and four-way electric adjustable rear seats, passenger zero-gravity seat, the main passenger and passenger side ventilation, and heating and massage are also standard in all models except the beggar's edition. In terms of audio experience, up to 23 high-quality speakers + 2880W peak power Lion Melody sound system, and front and rear windows 6mm double laminated silent glass.

STERRA EXLANTIX ET adopts Chery's latest generation EEA 5.0 electronic and electrical architecture, the high-end version is equipped with 30 Smart Driving Sensors, including LIDAR, as well as an NVIDIA Orin chip, and the 508 is equipped with an NVIDIA Orin chip, and the 508 is equipped with an NVIDIA Orin chip. The high-end version is equipped with 30 intelligent driving sensors, including LIDAR, and an NVIDIA Orin chip, with 508 TOPS of arithmetic power, which is sufficient to support the full-scene intelligent assisted driving function.

Of course, Chery's intelligent driving is still in its infancy, but last month, Chery party secretary and chairman Yin Tongyue opened a Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-level intelligent driving long-distance live challenge, STERRA EXLANTIX ET achieved high-speed pilot driving throughout the artificial 0 takeover, automatic on and off ramps, overtaking lane change and other operations. On the whole, STERRA EXLANTIX ET is still the main focus of what you want, first, solve the problem of whether there is, and then solve the problem of good or bad, after all, now the electronic electronic architecture, everything can be OTA.

BBA's basic plate began to loosen, and everyone wanted to cut a piece of cake Although said on the PPT ‘homage to Audi Q5L’, in fact, the STERRA EXLANTIX ET has always wanted to hang, and indeed in the size, cockpit comfort, intelligent driving level, Audi Q5L is indeed at a disadvantage again. The Audi Q5L, as the entry model of luxury SUVs, now sells more than 10,000 units per month, exceeding the sales of almost all of Chery's SUVs, with only the Tiggo

8 still in the running.

By 2024, BBA's market position in China has declined to a certain extent, firstly, the sales volume has started to decline year-on-year, but the average price of sales has also been reduced, and the preferential strength is also greater. So, in 2024 China's new energy vehicle’s main task becomes: BYD hit joint venture, domestic hit BYD, and then all the guys all get some high-end brand pretending to hit Porsche Rolls-Royce, in fact, hit BBA. but only Chery is more honest, said clearly, that STERRA EXLANTIX ET is to hit Audi Q5L, EXEED is the Chery Group brand pyramid of the tip of the tower, to make EXEED the top of the brand, to make EXEED the top of the tower. The EXEED is the tip of Chery Group's brand pyramid, and to make EXEED the BBA of Chery, the STERRA EXLANTIX series is the jewel of the tip of the tower.

After the listing of the STERRA EXLANTIX ET, Chery naturally has high hopes that it will be able to benchmark against the Audi Q5L and sell 10,000 units a month, and then bring the average price of the EXEED brand to more than 200,000 yuan. In the year 2024, inside China's automobile enterprises, Chery will benefit from the surge in export volume. The 2024 Chinese car company, Chery thanks to the export volume surge, the overall sales growth is the best among the domestic brands, on the other hand, Chery's high-end also hope that the new energy, which EXEED brand under the STERRA EXLANTIX series of responsibility is to go to the impact of the BBA. Chery bright brand, and then continue to be pragmatic, to open up to the BBA inside the weakest Audi.

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