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IM L6 officially announced, not to mention Xiaomi's IM chooses to be himself


Last month, it was established 4 Year IM, finally waiting for its "highlight moment". At that time IM L6 At the pre-sale press conference, IM joint CEO Liu Tao seemed to be imitating the marketing routines of the mobile phone industry, staged a comprehensive "Bench marking" drama of rival companies, and repeatedly ridiculed Xiaomi "There is no real intelligence", "Design relies on imitation". What is surprising is that in the IM L6 Super performance version and Xiaomi SU7 Max The comparison of the three electrical parameters of Xiaomi Catching the braid, the latter posted three Weibo posts in protest. In the end, this farce...IM It ended with the release of the apology letter. As the saying goes, "Black and red are also red." It is difficult for us to judge the impact of this round of negative communication on IM Is it a profit or a loss, for the protagonist of the night? IM L6 It's a loss. To be honest, IM L6 At the product level, it can indeed be called the Xiaomi SU7 a strong opponent. so IM Where is the toughness? If you ignore Liu Tao, this is a good car" IM L6 It is the latest achievement of SAIC New Energy Technology's "ten years of hard work" and integrates the industry's cutting-edge intelligent technology. "IM car scale. L6 it’s hard to say whether this sword has been sharpened for ten years, but the second half of this sentence is indeed certain. With the newly launched “Skin Liar Digital Chassis”, IM L6 became the first car in the country with "crab walking ability". I think this is IM L6 "The Strongest Ace".

up IM, many people will probably think of chassis and driving control. This is IM The brand has always adhered to the product tonality. In the first productiLM7superior, IM The Williams forward-looking engineering team was invited to perform tuning, and they also successfully won a Guinness World Record for the "Longest Drift Distance of an Electric Vehicle." Although it is a bit more "gimmick than reality", it still illustrates some problems. In IM L6superior, IM Through intelligent digital management, a "cerebellum" - the Skink Digital Chassis - is added to the vehicle, which elevates the vehicle's driving performance to a new dimension and can even allow it to "walk sideways." The first is four-wheel steering.

There are usually two types of products equipped with this function. One is those with a wheelbase that is too long and requires four-wheel steering to shorten the turning radius, such as BMW 750Li, Xpeng X9 etc.; the second type is a model that emphasizes sports performance to improve the stability of high-speed cornering, such as Porsche911, Lamborghini Huracan Evo. That IM L6 Which category does it belong to? It does both. When driving at low speed, IM L6The turning radius is as low as 4.99 m, turn around and Polo Just as flexible. You know, the size of this pure electric car is not too small, with a wheelbase of 2950 mm, with the Tesla Model S approximately, while the latter's turning radius requires 6.15rice. For IM L6 Speaking of which, passing two lanes in both directions is not a problem at all. When avoiding danger at high speed, IM L6The rear wheels allow the rear of the car to catch up quickly, improving the vehicle's response speed.IM Said that with the blessing of four-wheel steering, IM L6 body response speed ratio ESP Soon is 30%. If you use the elk test score to quantify its ability, it would be 90.96 km/h, much higher than the Tesla Model S Plaidof84.9km/hand PorscheTaycanof84.3km/h. This is the only elk test breakthrough in the world 85km/h car model.

However, such advantages are often difficult for users to perceive.IM Are there any practical explicit functions? Of course, there is. Use a specific scenario as an example.

You are about to park from a side parking space, but you find that the cars in front and behind you are too close to you, and you need to move around several times before you can get out of the parking space. At this time, you can click "One-click escape" on the control panel, and the front of the car will swing out due to the wheel speed difference, and then drive away directly.

In fact, IM L6 The "Skinliar Digital Chassis" not only has the functional highlight of four-wheel steering, but it also integrates the control modules of multiple systems such as air suspension and torque vector control, and is centrally controlled by algorithms to achieve joint debugging in all dimensions. control. Support the full life cycle OTA, the more you use it, the better it becomes.

IM It was stated in the press conference that they will also launch the gimbal body control function within the second quarter of this year. Through millisecond-level intervention in the air spring and damping shock absorbent, it can realize the body roll when cornering at high speed and large angle, and improve the driving performance. Ride comfort. In addition to the Skink digital chassis, IM The very practical rainy night mode was also highlighted at the press conference. In rainy night mode, IM L6 The vehicle-mounted camera will enhance the capture of the road and pass AI The computing power removes the interference of rain and fog and makes up for the weakness of human eyes in bad weather. In short, it is not difficult for us to find that driving is still a matter of IM The most important selling point. Because of this, IM L6 continued LS6 The "hurricane motor" on the machine can reach speeds up to 21000 rpm, peak power 579kw, torque 800N·m, zero hundred acceleration 2.74 Seconds, maximum speed can be reached 308km/h.

Liu Tao learned to "keep your mouth shut". Although the product is remarkable, it has always been...IM They are all brands that don’t have much of a presence. The most impressive thing is their CEO, Liu Tao. Liu Tao has done many "terrible" things. For example, he tested the acceleration on the highway emergency lane, made dumplings live in the car, and said bluntly at the press conference: BBA The car owner is miserable" and so on.

You may also have an impression of the most recent time: last month IM L6 In the pre-sale press conference, there was not only "touching porcelain "Xiaomi Wrong writing Xiaomi configuration, and Liu Tao’s remarks also made people IM The brand image has been greatly affected: our classmates (when busy) will even miss the birth of their own children.We also have a friend who has been positive four times in a row and still sticks to the front line of work.Some of our classmates were so cruel that they sent their young children to boarding schools.

So much so that some netizen joked: Buy one less IM, one employee will suffer less. As a brother brand under SAIC Group, ROEWE, all have to come and step on me. IM The subsequent operations are even more confusing. Xiaomi When the car has died down and no longer responds, IM He "apologized" again the next afternoon, which was suspected of continuing to "spoil traffic." Although "black and red are also red", for bulk consumer products such as cars that involve personal safety, "black and red" will not only give IM bring positive impact, IM On the contrary, some potential users will be lost due to the decline of corporate image. Apart from IM and Xiaomi This storm, IM L6The battery it is equipped with has also caused quite a stir. IM stated in the press conference, IM L6 Equipped with an "accurate 900V" Ultra-fast charging light-year solid-state battery" can achieve more than than 1000 Kilometers of ultra-long cruising range, but then everyone discovered that this was not a real solid-state battery.

As we all know, the ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries commonly used in electric vehicles are both liquid lithium-ion batteries. Under conditions such as overshoot, extrusion, or short circuit, thermal runaway may occur and lead to fire. Solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes to replace the previous liquid electrolytes, thereby solving the problem of battery fires caused by external extrusion, puncture, and short circuits. In addition, because its energy density is much higher than that of liquid batteries, the vehicle's cruising range has also been greatly improved. However, because solid-state batteries still have many technical problems that have not yet been overcome, they have not been officially put into use. 

Previously, only Li auto-tested theirs on a live 150kW Semi-solid battery. "It is very difficult to mass produce, the output is relatively low, and the yield rate is also very challenging." This is Li Auto CEO Li Bin’s evaluation of semi-solid batteries. Just when everyone thought it was backed by SAIC IM When a new breakthrough was achieved, it was discovered that this was not the case.

According to Liu Tao and Qingtao Energy General Manager Li Zheng, L6 Description of the solid-state battery installed, L6The battery uses a ternary high-nickel positive electrode and a carbon-silicon negative electrode. The liquid content in the electrolyte is 5%-10%, based on oxide electrolytes, with polymers added to form composite electrolytes (IPC), the process uses nano-solid electrolyte coating and solid electrolyte layer forming. Qingtao Energy's product planning shows that this is only their first-generation product, and they will have to wait until the third generation to achieve a true all-solid-state. this means IM L6 The "solid-state battery" it is equipped with is actually a semi-solid-state battery.

Also, note that only the IM L6 Max The Light year version is equipped with this semi-solid-state battery. This model is more powerful than the model equipped with dual motors.L6 Max The super performance version is more expensive 40 thousand yuan - cost and production capacity are still obstacles that cannot be circumvented by semi-solid-state batteries. While avoiding cost and production capacity problems through high selling prices, the label "solid-state battery" and IM L6 Make the binding. Liu Tao is in the atmosphere this time. Before tonight's press conference, many people were worried whether Liu Tao would say something unbelievable tonight and cause another hot search on Weibo. The good news is, IM This time, he finally showed some restraint. Liu Tao was no longer the keynote speaker at the press conference, and he was not mentioned in this press conference. Xiaomi Cars, only when talking about turning radius, found BMW Pinch such a "soft persimmon" gently. Grateful Xiaomi, like Li Xiang now, Liu Tao also learned to "keep his mouth shut."

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