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Baojun Yueye Plus will be launched in April


On April 1, Baojun officially announced its small SUV, the Yueye Plus. The new car is built on a new platform. It will be available in 5 exterior colors + 2 interior colors (calm black and elegant white) in the future, and will be launched in April. It is worth mentioning that the Baojun Yue currently on sale only has a three-door version. Baojun Yueye Plus(parameter|Inquiry) is a 5-door model. With the launch of this car, it also meets the needs of different users.

From the appearance, the car adopts the "Square Box+" design language and still has a square shape. The new car uses a black closed front grille with four-point LED daytime running lights, which is highly recognizable. At the same time, the off-road-style front bumper shape is adopted under the front of the car, and combined with the raised ribs of the engine compartment cover, it makes this car a bit more wild. At the same time, the car has launched 5 new colors, named Cloud Gray, Sea of Clouds White, Sky Blue, Aurora Green, and Space Black.

From the side, the new car continues the square box shape as a whole. Compared with the three-door model, the wheelbase has been greatly increased, from 2110mm to 2560mm. A decorative panel in the same body color is added behind the C-pillar of the car, which is similar in style to the Land Rover Defender. In addition, the roof is equipped with a luggage rack, and the wheels have been replaced with new gray double five-spoke wheels.

Looking at the rear of the car, compared to the three-door model, Baojun Yueye Plus has canceled the "small school bag" design, and a new Baojun LOGO is added in the center of the rear of the car. The new car uses classic urban zebra headlights and track rear taillights, continuing the family's four-horizontal and four-vertical shape layout. A high-mounted brake light is added above the rear of the car, and the trunk door is side-opening. It is worth mentioning that the car adopts a classic side-opening tailgate design, which not only provides 12L of storage space, but also can be expanded to install a small table in the rear.

In terms of interior, the new car continues the family-style interior. The car uses a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, combined with the currently popular independent large-size LCD instrument + suspended central control screen and rounded rectangular air-conditioning outlets, creating a good atmosphere. Feeling of youth. At the same time, according to officials, it uses 3D Mesh advanced environmentally friendly materials with low emission and no odor to achieve full leather coverage of high-frequency contact areas such as the instrument panel, four-door armrests, seats, etc., improving the texture. The front and rear seats of the car are made of super soft and thick memory foam, and come standard with independent headrests. The driver comes standard with 6-way electric adjustment and the passenger driver with 4-way manual adjustment.

In terms of driving space, Baojun Yueye Plus focuses on optimizing the head and leg space of the entire car. The front and rear head spaces are 1043mm and 1061mm respectively, and the front leg space reaches 913mm (the front row foot space is 913mm). to the H-point of the front seat cushion), and the rear legroom reaches 870mm (the distance between the H-points of the front and rear seats). In terms of space performance, there are as many as 28 smart storage spaces in the car, including a nine-in-one multi-functional armrest, main and passenger storage compartments, etc., which fully meet users' daily storage needs. The original volume of the trunk space is 385L. Each rear seat can be folded down independently in 5/5 splits. When folded down completely, the maximum trunk volume can be expanded to 1715L.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3996*1760*1726mm, the wheelbase is 2560mm, the fully loaded ground clearance reaches 150mm, and the turning radius is only 5.35m. In terms of power, Baojun Yueye Plus is driven by a rear-mounted single motor with a maximum power of 102 horsepower, a top speed of 150km/h, and a CLTC pure electric cruising range of up to 401km.

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