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Denza officially announced that the new Denza N7 Officially launched


On April 1, Denza Motors officially announced that the newDenza N7Officially launched, there are 4 2024 models launched this time. As an upgraded model, the new Denza N7 has many upgrades in terms of design and configurations such as air suspension, wheel suspension logo, and rear seat electric adjustment. The range has been added to the previous 630km and 702km by a 550km model. Provide you with more choices.

● New car features:

Let’s first look at the appearance. The appearance of the new Denza N7 has been further simplified. The unique light group in the front surround has been changed to a more capable design. Black crystal lidar panels are integrated in the fog light areas on both sides, taking into account both aesthetics and practicality. With this facelift, the new car also adds a new Xizi Blue color scheme.

The side of the new car still uses the body structure of a fastback coupe SUV, and the slightly downward-sloping roofline enhances the dynamic effect of the new car. At the rear, the car adopts the popular through-type taillight set, with large-size air guides on both sides, and an embedded trapezoidal license plate area, which greatly improves the visual effect of this car. It is worth mentioning that the new model also uses a suspended logo on the wheel hub. Just like a Rolls-Royce model, the logo can remain stationary while driving. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4860/1935/1602mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2940mm.

Inside the car, the new Denza N7 is still equipped with a 50-inch AR-HUD, a 17.3-inch central control screen and a 10.25-inch passenger screen. In terms of configuration, it continues to be equipped with Nappa leather seats, 5D cloud-sensing seats, 128-color ambient lights, and imperial Valais audio and rear seat heating, ventilation, massage and other functions. It is worth mentioning that Denza is expected to launch OTA functions in the second quarter, including voice shortcut commands, multi-car connectivity, Denza Treasure Box, Denza Sound Activation and other functions. Some new car functions will also be available to old car owners. OTA upgrade. In addition, the new car will also add a sentry mode.

In addition, the new Denza N7 still retains the highlight configurations such as dual-gun fast charging and Yunnan-A. After equipped with Yunnan-A air suspension, the ground clearance of the vehicle can be flexibly adjusted between 120mm-200mm. The entire vehicle has 25 independent storage spaces in the vehicle. The front trunk can accommodate a 20-inch boarding suitcase, and the trunk volume reaches 480L. The whole series comes standard with a large canopy + electric sunshade. The canopy is made of a whole piece of glass, with an area of 1.93m². The new car also adds a streaming rearview mirror, a rear center armrest screen, and the rear seats are upgraded to electric backrest adjustments. The rear seats also support ventilation, heating and 10-point massage functions, and the ventilation mode is 2-level adjustable. Suction type.

In terms of smart driving, all new Denza N7 series are equipped with high-speed NOA function as standard. It is currently available for delivery in 40+ cities and will cover the country as soon as the fourth quarter of this year. The urban NOA function will be tested in Shenzhen in March and is expected to be available OTA by the end of April and cover the whole country by the end of this year at the earliest. For the smart parking part, the car will be equipped with a short-distance valet parking function, which can be tested as a public test upon delivery. Officials stated that the above functions will also be upgraded OTA for old car owners (close valet parking OTA for old car owners in the second quarter).

In terms of power, the new car has two power forms: single motor rear drive and dual motor four-wheel drive, and is equipped with BYD's blade battery and uses CTB technology. The 550 and 702 versions use a single motor. The 550 version has a maximum power output of 170kW and a peak torque of 380N·m. It can "break 100 km/h" in 7.5 seconds. The maximum power output of the 702 version is 230kW, the peak torque is 360N·m, and the 0-100km/acceleration time is 6.8 seconds.

The 630 version model is equipped with dual motors. The maximum power of the front motor is 160kW and the rear motor is 230kW. The comprehensive system power reaches 390kW. The comprehensive maximum torque of the system reaches 670N·m. It only takes 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h. In terms of suspension, the 550 model is equipped with the Yunnan-C system, which uses electromagnetic suspension. Both 630 cars are equipped with the Yunnan-A system. In addition to the electromagnetic suspension, the single-chamber air suspension has been upgraded to a dual-chamber air suspension.

● New car background

Denza N7 will make its debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show and will be officially launched in July 2023. As a major SUV model after the refresh of Denza brand, it carries the brand's upward mission. At the same time, this car is equipped with dual-gun fast charging, Yunnan-A, Devialet audio and assisted driving technologies, which are all representative. The launch of the 2024 model is also Denza's rapid response to the market, further enhancing the competitiveness of the new car.

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