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Global New Energy Civilian Pickup Truck Inventory Which one are you interested in?


Recently, we have always said that pickup trucks have entered the wave of new energy. Readers who may not know pickup trucks have no idea of this recognition. In fact, new energy sources for pickup trucks are already happening quietly, and the new energy in this does not only refer to pure electric power. Hybrid power is also a form of new energy. Because of the blessing of motors and batteries, the vehicle has better performance in terms of power or fuel consumption. There are obvious optimizations, which is considered new energy.

But in fact, hybrid technology has very rich technical routes, and there is currently a lot of controversy over whether it can be regarded as a new energy source. Then we will unify the standards and follow the requirements for new energy licenses in our country. They must be plug-in hybrids or pure electrics. Let us take stock of the new energy civilians at home and abroad, whether they are mass-produced or about to be mass-produced. What kind of pickup trucks are there? You can also see which one everyone is interested in.

[New energy civilian pickup trucks on sale in China]

If 48V light hybrids are excluded, there are relatively few real new energy civilian pickup trucks in China, but this does not affect the development of various technical routes. The following two new energy pickup trucks are representatives of their respective fields.

Chang'an Hunter

Features: The only extended-range pickup truck

The Hunter is an extended-range pickup truck launched by Changan Automobile this year. Its power route is consistent with that of many passenger cars, using the overall route of range extender (engine)-generator-motor drive. Although the structure is very different from that of passenger cars, it is also the first among pickup trucks - the first extended-range pickup truck, which immediately brings pickup trucks into a new track. And the overall price is relatively close to the people. The starting price of 140,000 yuan is in the price range of traditional household pickup trucks. It is a product that can be considered by some pickup truck consumers who do not have a strong demand for goods.

Because it is driven by an electric motor, this car also has many characteristics of pure electric models, such as fast acceleration, quiet driving, etc. Hunter's complete range extension system consists of a 2.0T engine, motor and 31.18kWh battery, which can automatically switch working modes according to different working conditions to achieve the best power output and energy consumption balance. Its battery life is also very excellent, with a comprehensive range of more than 1,000 kilometers on full fuel and full charge.

The 2.0T Blue Whale engine serves as a range extender, which can charge the battery pack and directly power the motor. Its maximum power is 140kW. In order to meet the needs of different users, the vehicle is divided into two types of power: single motor and dual motor. The maximum power of the single motor is 110kW and the maximum torque is 300N·m; the maximum power of the dual motor is 220kW and the maximum torque is 600N·m. Allowing the vehicle to accelerate to 100 kilometers in 7.9 seconds. In addition, the vehicle also has a high-power external discharge function. It can be said that the range extension system adds many highlights to this vehicle and realizes many functions that traditional pickup trucks do not have.

Radar RD6

Features: The most user-friendly pure electric pickup truck

RD6 is a pure electric pickup truck launched by Geely Radar the year before last. The price after its launch was very affordable. It suddenly reduced the overall price of the domestic pure electric pickup truck market to 150,000 yuan, no longer the arrogant 300,000 yuan level. So if you want to experience the different life brought by pure electric pickup trucks in advance, this car is also one of the options.

The characteristics of this car are also very distinctive. First of all, it comes from a pure electric platform and adopts the load-bearing body structure used by most passenger cars. It is completely different from traditional pickup trucks, so the cargo box and cockpit are integrated into one. The second is the external discharge function on the right side of the cargo box, which supports two current outputs of 16A and 10A, three interface specifications of three-hole, two-hole, and 12-volt interfaces, and supports a maximum discharge power of 6000W.

In terms of motivation, radarRD6 Equipped with a 200kW high-power three-in-one electric drive, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 6 seconds, which is very rare in pickup trucks, and it has multiple driving modes that can be switched. At the same time, it is matched with high energy density Ni55 battery cells. The maximum cruising range of the launched model can reach 632km. It has a maximum 120kW fast charging function and can reach 120km of cruising range in 15 minutes of charging. It can be said that Radar RD6 has reached the overall level of domestic pure electric passenger cars, but its identity is that of a pickup truck.

[New energy civilian pickup trucks for sale overseas]

At present, the main market for overseas new energy civilian pickup trucks is in North America, and most of them are pure electric models. Few companies are making efforts in the hybrid pickup market. However, this does not mean that there is no such thing. Recently, there is news that Toyota, Isuzu, etc. are preparing to develop light hybrid models, which can be regarded as a first step. Let’s first take a look at which new energy pickup trucks are currently available to ordinary consumers.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Features: A full-size new energy pickup truck derived from a pure electric platform launched by the North American pickup truck leader

When it comes to overseas pickup trucks, Ford's F-150 will definitely be among them. The pure electric version of this car is not like many domestic pickup trucks that are converted from oil to electric. It is a car based on a pure electric platform. Although the appearance looks similar to the fuel version, the core has been "changed beyond recognition." Of course, the price is also about 100,000 yuan more expensive than the fuel version.

The pure electric version of the F-150 still maintains the essence of the American full-size pickup truck, which is that it has many and complete functions. For example, the car has a 12-inch central control vertical screen, which integrates many functions and supports OTA upgrades. The new car also comes with an automatic driving assistance system. In terms of hardware, it reaches its peak. As a pure electric pickup truck, since there is no engine occupying the front space, a huge front cargo compartment is formed inside the front hood, with a volume of 400 liters. The front trunk also provides 4 external discharge plugs, each plug can carry up to 2.4kW discharge power. At the same time, if you lift up the lower partition of the front trunk, you can store items that will spill water without any problem, because there are drainage holes at the bottom.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is driven by dual motors on the front and rear axles, with a maximum power of 563 horsepower, a torque of 1,050 Nm, and a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) acceleration time of up to 4.5 seconds. In addition, the new car is equipped with a four-wheel drive system that supports a total of 4 driving modes: standard, sport, off-road and towing. In addition, the vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 4.5 tons and a maximum cruising range of 320 miles (approximately 515 kilometers) under EPA standards. Although this pure electric pickup truck is expensive, many consumers still rushed to buy it when it was first launched in North America, which shows that its product strength is recognized by many people.

Tesla Cybertruck

Features: A vehicle whose design concept and appearance far exceed traditional pickup trucks

Tesla Cybertruck has started a tour in China, but it is not yet on the road. However, as far away as home in North America, deliveries of this car have begun. Also a product from Tesla, this pickup truck still follows the unconventional brand characteristics. Although the price is more expensive than the Ford F-150 Lightning, the number of orders for this car far exceeds that of the latter, and people who hold money to buy it are flocking to it.

From the appearance point of view, Cybertruck is full of science fiction colors. The cyberpunk appearance is definitely eye-catching. Tesla’s self-developed 30X cold-rolled stainless steel body is also a major feature of it. The power part is even more prominent. Cybertruck has three power options to choose from, namely single-motor rear drive, dual-motor four-wheel drive and three-motor four-wheel drive.

The weakest single-motor rear-drive version has average power and a cruising range of about 402 kilometers; the dual-motor version has a maximum power of 600 horsepower and an acceleration time of 0-60 mph (about 96km/h) of 4.1 seconds; the three-motor version The model uses a combination of 1 front and 2 motors at the rear, with a maximum power of 845 horsepower. It also integrates beast mode, with an acceleration time of 0-60 mph (approximately 96km/h) of 2.6 seconds, an acceleration time of 0-400 meters in less than 11 seconds, and a maximum speed of approximately The combined speed is 209km/h, the cruising range is approximately 515 kilometers, and the maximum cruising range can be extended to more than 708 kilometers.

Rivian R1T

Features: A pure electric medium-sized pickup truck made by a new American force

The RIVIAN brand is definitely a new force in the United States. It was founded in 2009 and focuses on the development of electric vehicles. It has been listed on Nasdaq and is a relatively successful brand among the new forces. Among them, the pure electric pickup R1T was first unveiled in 2018 and will be delivered in 2021. The overall speed is relatively smooth. The price of this medium-sized pickup truck is slightly more expensive than traditional fuel-powered medium-sized pickup trucks, but it has many bright spots.

The length, width and height of the R1T are 5475/2015/1815mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 3450mm, which is equivalent to the body size of a medium-sized pickup truck. In terms of power, the R1T electric pickup truck is equipped with three different power battery packs, which can achieve a range of 370km (105kWh), 483km (135kWh) and 644km (180kWh) respectively. Among them, the 180kWh battery pack can accelerate from 0-96km/h in 3.2 seconds, and the top speed can reach 200km/h. In addition, all three battery configuration models use a four-motor pure electric all-wheel drive power system, with each motor rated at 147kW.

In terms of load space, the R1T is a five-seat pickup truck. In addition to the rear cargo box, the body also integrates multiple storage areas, including a 330-liter front luggage box, a 350-liter through-type side cargo box, and a 200-liter additional cargo box at the bottom. Spare tire space. In addition, the R1T rear cargo box comes with the original cargo box cover, and there are three 110V power sockets installed inside the cargo box. It can be said that space utilization is one of the biggest highlights of the Rivian R1T, but its positioning as a mid-sized pickup truck and higher pricing may have lost some of its cost performance.

Hummer EV

Features: A tough-guy model with military origins is transformed into a pure electric pickup truck

Hummer can be said to be one of the most representative American cars, especially its military background that makes it famous. And when this legendary model entered a new era, it transformed into a full-size pure electric pickup truck. I don’t know whether the American people can quickly accept this role change. The price is also ridiculously expensive, but it still cannot hide the fact that this car is a pure electric pickup truck sold to ordinary consumers.

In terms of appearance, Hummer EV perfectly inherits the wide and domineering appearance of previous models. The wide wheel arches on the side of the body indicate that this car has very good suspension travel and can accommodate 305/70R18 ultra-large all-terrain tires. Hummer EV is also equipped with frameless doors and a removable roof, so there is a very transparent view inside the show car. The cargo box can be optionally equipped with GMC's unique multi-end opening tailgate. Of course, it also has a huge front trunk like the pure electric model, which is convenient for storing items.

Power is one of its biggest highlights. It is equipped with a three-motor e4WD drive system with a maximum power of 1,000 horsepower (735kW) and a maximum torque of an astonishing 15,592N·m (wheel torque). The 0-96km/h acceleration time is only 3 seconds, the cruising range can reach 350 miles (approximately 563km), and it supports 350kW DC fast charging. In addition, the car is also equipped with four-wheel steering technology and has a crab mode that allows the vehicle to drive diagonally along the wheels.

[The upcoming new energy civilian pickup truck]

BYD pickup truck

Features: Same chassis as Fangbaobao 5, the first hybrid new energy pickup truck

BYD pickup trucks have always had high exposure and high expectations. Its biggest highlight is that it comes from the same platform as the Fangbaobao 5, so the performance of this pickup truck can also be expected. However, in terms of design, it still maintains a relatively independent shape, probably to widen the gap with the Fangbao brand.

In terms of appearance, the headlights on both sides adopt a square style, and the bumper may be designed to be separated from the front face, which is helpful for modification or change of style. The side of the body is very square and straight, with side steps at the bottom. According to previous spy photos, there is a fuel filling port on the left side of the cargo box, and a charging socket on the right side, with two modes of fast and slow charging. The instrument panel and central control screen are two independent screens, and there are armrests on both sides of the sub-dashboard. The detailed spy photos show that the car is almost consistent with the style of the Formula Leopard 5 around the shift lever, and its functions will include steep slope descent, pure electric/hybrid mode switching, etc.

In terms of power, the car will be available in pure electric and hybrid forms. It is expected that the hybrid system will have two power options, 1.5T and 2.0T. Previously exposed spy photos also show that the rear suspension of the car uses an independent suspension, and according to media reports, it is also expected to be equipped with a hydraulic active suspension system, while the front suspension also uses aluminum alloy components. If this car can be mass-produced quickly, it should have a certain impact on the domestic pickup truck market.

Great Wall Shanhai Cannon Hi4-T

Features: Medium to large pickup truck equipped with hybrid transmission

The Great Wall Shanhai Pao Hi4-T has already been unveiled at the domestic auto show, and the powertrain has already been mass-produced by the group's off-road vehicles, so overall it is only a matter of time before this car is launched. Correspondingly, its power system is a more traditional P2 motor structure, which is a hybrid gearbox. This structure is used in most hardcore off-road vehicles, so it is a more reliable route.

In terms of parameters, Shanhaipao PHEV is equipped with a 2.0T+9HAT powertrain and a P2 motor. Under parallel drive, the system has a comprehensive power of 300kW and a maximum comprehensive torque of 750N·m. The P2 motor has a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 400N·m. Due to The motor can instantly reach the maximum torque output characteristic, which can make up for the lack of power of the engine in the low speed range, making the vehicle accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers in only 6.9 seconds.

Shanhaipao PHEV is also equipped with a long-range power battery with a total battery capacity of 37.1kWh, which can meet 110km of pure electric range and 900km of comprehensive range. At the same time, Shanhaipao PHEV uses non-decoupled mechanical four-wheel drive, with three locks, and comes with a 3.3kW external discharge function, which allows the vehicle to match different driving scenarios.

radar horizon

Features: It may be the first four-wheel drive pure electric pickup truck launched in China

Radar RD6 has been introduced before, but this car only has a two-wheel drive version. The newly released Radar Horizon adopts a front and rear dual-motor layout, so it can achieve pure electric four-wheel drive mode. And this car has the blessing of dual motors at the front and rear, and it has many features.

In terms of power, dual motors at the front and rear are used to form a pure electric four-wheel drive system. The power of the front motor reaches 115kW and the torque reaches 210N·m; the power of the rear motor reaches 200kW and the torque reaches 384N·m. The comprehensive power of the system reaches 315kW and the comprehensive torque is 594N·m. It only takes 4.5 seconds to accelerate to 1km/h, making it the fastest pickup truck in China.

In addition, Radar Horizon provides a total of 7 driving modes: economy, comfort, sport, snow, mud, off-road, and wading. The front and rear wheels can also reverse in opposite directions to achieve intelligent U-turn mode. At the same time, Radar Horizon adopts a main and auxiliary spring design and an adjustable suspension structure. Without sacrificing comfort, Radar Horizon has a carrying capacity that far exceeds that of the same class, reaching a rated load of 865kg and a towing capacity of 3 tons. Pulling ability.


Overall, there are not many categories of new energy pickup trucks in the global market, with pure electric and light hybrids being the main categories. But in the domestic market, because there are many new energy routes for passenger cars, pickup trucks have also earned dividends. The same technical route can be realized with different structures, giving consumers more choices. I believe that if these domestic new energy pickup trucks are compared in the international market, they can attract more overseas consumers and then achieve the purpose of spreading Chinese pickup truck culture.

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