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Hong Qi E-HS9 enters German market


Recently, we learned from foreign media that the E-HS9, a large pure electric SUV under the Hongqi brand, will enter the German market. In addition, the Hongqi brand has been sold in some European markets including Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

Briefly review the appearance of the vehicle, Hongqi E-HS9A straight waterfall-style closed front grille is used. The LED daytime running light trim strips on both sides of the grille are connected to the split headlights, forming a "flying wing" family-style design. The light groups on both sides of the lower front of the car are connected to the front surround, enhancing the overall look of the car. In addition, the red LED light strip in the middle of the front of the car also pays tribute to Hongqi's iconic flying flag design, and is highly recognizable when lit.

Looking from the side of the car, the waistline and roof of the new car adopt a sunken design, which further enhances its elegant visual effect. The new car provides two seat layouts, namely 6/7-seat versions. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5209/2010/1713mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3110mm.

At the configuration level, the car provides AC discharge, leather steering wheel, steering wheel heating, driving mode selection, active safety system, remote control parking, multi-screen interaction, second-row control panel, BOSE audio, electric tailgate with memory function, and panoramic sunroof. , induction wipers, front seat heating, seat memory, etc.

It is reported that Hongqi E-HS9 will sell two models in Germany. In terms of power, it refers to the domestic version. The model with a battery capacity of 99kWh has an NEDC cruising range of 510km; the 120kWh version has an NEDC cruising range of 660/690km. In addition, the car will provide a maximum charging power of 140kW, which can replenish energy for 100km of driving range in 10 minutes.

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