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$13,812 level! Xiaopeng MONA broke a world record as soon as it debuted


A lovely car for young people.

At the launch event of Xiaopeng MONA M03 held this afternoon, Xiaopeng M03 was not the only protagonist. Juan Ma Lopez, a renowned designer in the field of automotive design, also made his public debut after joining XPeng Motors.

Maybe some of you are unfamiliar with this name, but you must know most of his works:

- Ferrari LaFerrari, FF, F12 Berlinetta, Monza SP1 & SP2, 458 Coupe & Spider, 488 Pista, GTC4 Lusso, 812 Superfast, Portofino, F8 Tributo...

- Lamborghini Murcielago Barchettas, Murcielago GT, Gallardo Coupe, Gallardo Spider, Concept S

Who would have thought that this is both a prancing horse and a bull and now it has come to Xiaopeng.

"We hope that every functional area and every detail of the car will be precisely and quantitatively calculated to meet consumers' specific usage needs in addition to its high appearance," Juanma elaborated on the aesthetic elements of car design and the aesthetic genes of Xpeng MONA M03 at the event. "Xpeng MONA M03 is the combination of aesthetics and functionality."

Unlike those super cars designed by Juan Ma in the past, which often turn into millions and tens of millions, the Xiaopeng MONA priced below $27,624 needs to ensure the daily practicality of users while pursuing "beauty".

He Xiaopeng said in the press conference that Xiaopeng MONA M03 adopts a new AI quantification aesthetic. How to quantify? For example, in the expensive wind tunnel test, Xiaopeng M03 blew 10 times for a total of more than 100 hours.

"Xiaopeng is willing to spend a little more time to build a good-looking and interesting car for young people," He Xiaopeng said. However, the "little cost" and "little time" in his mouth are actually 4 billion yuan and 4 years.

So what did Xiaopeng get in exchange?

1. Global lowest drag coefficient of 0.194

Generally speaking, the products in the $27624 talk about wind resistance, but Xiaopeng MONA M03 from the beginning of the design, will be "low wind resistance" into the idea of manufacturing engineering, the whole system standard AGS full fusion active air intake grille, irregular single blade design and front surrounded by seamless integration, can be at different speeds stepless adjustment opening and closing, balance the wind resistance optimization and electric drive cooling needs.

Xiaopeng MONA M03 has conducted a total of more than 1,000 program analyses, reducing energy consumption by 15% per 100 kilometers and increasing the cruising range by up to 60km.

Don't underestimate the 60km range. He Xiaopeng said that lower wind resistance will result in lower energy consumption, which means Xiaopeng may be able to use smaller batteries, resulting in lower vehicle weight and lower bicycle costs.

2. Elegance meets space

A product manager in charge of Xiaopeng M03 told the board that good-looking new energy vehicles are more than 200,000 yuan, "such as cars with Model 3 and ET5, SUVs with Xiaopeng G9 and M7", and new energy vehicles under $27,624, usually for practicality, make compromises in design.

Because of this, Xiaopeng wants to make a beautiful and practical coupe at the most mainstream price segment below $27,624.

For a long time, the coupe has had to sacrifice the overall ride space to pursue the smoothness and beauty of the vehicle's contours, resulting in a difficult problem of both aesthetics and space, unable to meet the travel needs of users in all scenarios.

But the Xiaopeng MONA M03 seems to shatter this perception, bringing the size performance of the B-class car with 4780mm and 2815mm wheelbases. Xiaopeng says that the M03 has a front gear inclination of 63.4 °, the largest in its class, an elegant shape, and lower wind resistance.

On the other hand, Xiaopeng did not sacrifice the head space of the front passenger for this and avoided this problem by moving the seat back and sinking the floor.

At the same time, to "steal" space for the rear row as much as possible, Xiaopeng M03 comes standard with an electric hatchback tailgate, and the maximum capacity of 621L can hold 1 28-inch and 4 20-inch suitcases at the same time.

However, Xiaopeng did not compromise on the appearance. The most obvious thing was the height of the suspension, especially the front suspension.

Despite the use of 19-inch sports wheels, because the suspension height is too high, more than one punch, the hub is still not full enough, which also affects the body's low-lying feeling. In this regard, the product manager explained that this is a decision made by the positioning of the M03, M03 as a 100,000-class model, must take into account the passage of different road conditions.

You can go up the hillside in the village, but go down to the construction site in the city -- I think that's pretty much what it means.

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