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Xiaomi's first SUV revealed! Even more powerful than SU7


So far, the myth of the Xiaomi SU7 continues!

According to official data, deliveries of the Xiaomi Mi SU7 exceeded 10,000 units in June, and this trend is expected to continue in July.

I still remember Lei Jun's statement at the press conference: "It's hard to build a car, but success must be cool." At the moment when new forces and fuel brands collided fiercely, Xiaomi successfully squeezed into the card table with sincerity, but all competitors knew that this was just the beginning.

Recently, the market has resounded with the cries of Xiaomi SUV, due to the large number of road test spy photos appearing on the Internet, stealing consumers' attention like the Xiaomi SU7.

In line with Xiaomi's ambition to become one of the top five automakers in the world, the layout of the SUV should come as no surprise.

At this moment, I think the most hurt should be friends, who will likely suffer losses on the Xiaomi SU7. Once successful, it is bound to rewrite the automotive market landscape again.

But have you ever thought that the success of Xiaomi cars depends on the support of consumers, and the room for mistakes will be further compressed in this situation? SUVs also bear the burden of success in landing.

Otherwise, with Xiaomi's current "apotheosis" situation, the backlash of product failure may be unbearable!

The first SUV for young people?

As Kazuo Inamori, an entrepreneur, puts it: "The clearer your vision is in your mind, the clearer the path to achieving it will be, and the stronger your motivation will be."

The success of the Xiaomi SU7 is the best proof of this view. Now the emergence of other Xiaomi models is also the result of multiple expectations.

The moment when the first battle is the decisive battle has passed, and consumers are brewing new expectations for Xiaomi. Since the car is so capable, it is not too much to arrange the first SUV for young people, right?

In fact, news about Xiaomi's other models has been around for a long time. Previously, other media broke the news: Xiaomi Group President Lu Weibing said in an interview at the performance meeting that Xiaomi does have other models in development.

This time, the expectations were directly fulfilled, and the Xiaomi SU7 paved the way. With the same determination to "live to death", there were no more blockbuster products!

Interestingly, Zeekr also broke the news: Xiaomi's third car is strictly cost-oriented and positioned at the 150,000 yuan level.

If the news is true, Xiaomi, which has been "apotheosized", has not been completely welded to the altar. According to the momentum of today's car companies raising the price war blade inward, I think there is still a possibility.

Under the constant prickling of various news, the recently revealed Xiaomi SUV undoubtedly brought a touch of shock to consumers. Some car bloggers exposed the road test photos of Xiaomi's first SUV, and speculated that the internal code of Xiaomi's first SUV was "MX11".

The half-covered posture of the Pipa, the back-mounted body, and the round lines immediately reminded netizens of the Ferrari Purosangue..

At this moment, Mr. Lei's words rang in his ears again: This TM is here to make trouble!

But getting down to business, the success of the car level has made Xiaomi bound to accelerate the pace of its multi-category layout. Previously, there were also rumors on the Internet about the idea of Xiaomi's extended-range SUV. Whether true or false, according to Xiaomi's vision of the future market position, a multi-category strategy is inevitable.

It is worth exploring whether the new Xiaomi model will adopt the same price strategy as the Xiaomi SU7, focusing on a cost-effective model. After all, this road now seems worth repeating.

Moreover, the previous "apotheosis" relied on Mr. Lei's determination to make friends with consumers. If he wanted to maintain stability and expand Moments, the market would naturally pay for the same mild strategy.

What you can't get is always in turmoil. Let's put aside your imagination. At present, most consumers' requirements for Xiaomi are still focused on SU7. Lu Weibing also said that the company's current energy is all on the delivery of the Xiaomi SU7.

After all, the Xiaomi Mi SU7's test for Lei Jun has not stopped.

First, maintain the basic disk of Xiaomi SU7

I still remember that Mr. Lei expressed a gratifying concern before: "I am worried that the Xiaomi car will not be popular at first, and I am even more worried that it will be too popular. Everyone will come to buy it."

Now it seems that this is not just a "Versailles" sentence, but a ticking time bomb hanging over Xiaomi's head.

Now under Lei Jun's occasional Xiaomi car delivery celebration Weibo, the comment area is always full of rice noodles who come to urge the delivery: "The regional delivery cycle gap is too large, and whether the car can be picked up this year has been occupied by friendly merchants."

"Production hell", a problem that new power brands can't get around, is now also in front of Xiaomi.

It is reported that the first phase of Xiaomi's self-built factory was completed in June 2023, covering an area of about 720,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

But the actual situation is much more complicated than the surface. Whether it is the supply of production materials or the shortage of manpower, Xiaomi is working hard to solve the problem.

The problem that production capacity cannot keep up is also affecting first-line sales. Even if many interested consumers cannot get a car, most people still find it difficult to survive the long delivery cycle, and it is inevitable to refuse after recognizing it.

There is also a heavy reality that the dilemma of insufficient supply and demand has given the second-hand market unlimited room for operation, and there are many scalpers who resell Xiaomi cars on social media, which has stung the hearts of real car owners.

Therefore, Xianyu and Xiaohongshu have a large number of rice noodles that cannot wait for Xiaomi to switch to other brands.

This is a race against time, and the enemy comes from all directions. I still remember the sniper strategy that friends have released for Xiaomi since the launch of Xiaomi Auto, such as Zhijie and NIO, which once offered a subsidy of 5,000 yuan for the lock-order users of Xiaomi SU7, starting a simple business war.

As a traffic leader, it is inevitable to suffer from a microscope of onlookers. In terms of product strength, Xiaomi has little room for fault tolerance. Any quality storm could destroy a young car company.

Therefore, the top priority for Xiaomi is to maintain stability and amplify the advantages of the Xiaomi SU7, so that the single arrow is prominent enough to leave enough room for other categories to buffer.

One step to heaven, half a step to hell

For the Xiaomi SU7 and Lei Jun, who have been crowned gods, a wrong step could fall into an endless abyss.

After all, some of the hot topics raised by marketing are moving with the wind.

Just as the rumors of the Xiaomi SUV this time, accompanied by expectations, there is another skepticism about plagiarism, but these are insignificant until they are unveiled.

However, the market and consumers' high attention to Xiaomi cannot be underestimated. Whether it is developing new models or entering the hybrid field, every step stirs the nerves of the market.

It is worth exploring how new models such as SUVs launched by Xiaomi in the future can compete with other car companies, and whether they can sit on the "first SUV for young people" is a problem.

In the current new energy SUV market, Ideal and Q are worthy of being called "Gemini", and the luxury defense line they have jointly established has shown a solid trend.

The price has dropped, and BYD's series of SUV sales have been far ahead, and the category is still being replenished.

Therefore, will it be positioned as a coupe SUV, as revealed in the spy photos, to seize the current market gap? After all, models such as the dark blue S7 and the Denza N7 have not yet broken out of a new energy coupe SUV hegemony.

If we can amplify the influence of smart driving, brand influence, software ecosystem, etc., we are certain to gain a place in the future SUV market.

And just as the "catfish effect" caused by Xiaomi SU7 in the new energy market, consumers are eager for it to complete such transplantation and replication again in other categories.

After all, the "roll" itself is the process of good money driving out bad money.

For Xiaomi, the goal of becoming one of the world's top five automakers in the next 15 to 20 years is ambitious, but it still has to be crossed step by step.

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