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Spy shots of Neta S based on Shanhai 2.0 platform


Recently, we have obtained from relevant channelsNezha STest video of the hunting vehicle. The new car is positioned as a pure electric medium and large car and is the first model built on the Shanhai Platform 2.0. Compared with the Nezha S sedan built on the Shanhai 1.0 platform, the new car is expected to be greatly improved in terms of comfort and intelligence.

"Official trailer"

From the appearance, the new car is covered with camouflage material. However, as can be seen from the previously released official trailer, the shape of the front of the car is consistent with the Nezha S, using split headlights, and the upper LED daytime running lights use dotted lines. The shape looks very recognizable. The only difference is that the surface of the air intake on the lower front of the Nezha S hunting vehicle has a new chrome dot matrix decorative design.

The shape of the side of the body is very slender, and the visual center of gravity of the vehicle is relatively far back, creating an elegant station wagon shape. In addition, you can see that the new car has "horns on its head." This small bump should have a lidar inside. In terms of chassis, the new car is equipped with Haozhi skateboard chassis technology and will adopt an integrated die-cast front/rear body + integrated energy cabin design. In addition, the new car is expected to be equipped with air suspension.

Looking at the rear of the car, the new car is equipped with the same through-type taillights as the Nezha S, and there will be a spoiler above the rear of the car. There is not too much sunken design behind the roof of the new car, and the overall shape is a relatively traditional station wagon, which will bring more spacious headroom to rear passengers.

In terms of power, the Nezha S hunting car will use an 800V high-voltage architecture + SiC silicon carbide all-in-one motor. The maximum power of the pure electric rear-drive version will reach 250kW. The extended-range version will be equipped with a new 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine. The generator matching the engine is upgraded to a flat wire generator, which has higher power generation efficiency and the oil-to-electricity conversion rate will be increased to 3.26kWh/L.

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