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Upgraded configuration and NOMI assistant Actual shooting of the new NIO ES7


The wave of intelligence has already swept across the automotive industry. For models that are already on the market, price advantages and configuration upgrades are also essential if you want to continue to maintain or improve their current competitiveness. At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, NIO brought the 2024 modelNIOES7, let us take a look at the aspects in which the new model is full of sincerity.

● A new body color is added to the exterior, and 22-inch forged wheels are optional.

As early as February 22, all NIO models released 2024 new models, of which the ES7 provides 3 configuration versions. After the launch, the first batch of 2024 future ES7 models is expected to be delivered in May. It is understood that NIO’s 2024 models will use the new central computing platform ADAM and be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon’s fourth-generation cockpit chip (SA8295P).

In terms of styling, the appearance of the 2024 ES7 is no different from the old model. The entire vehicle is built on the NT2 platform. It is the first SUV on this platform and is based on the same platform as ET7 and ET5. The new car continues the design language of the latter two cars, adopting a closed front face design, which is a minimalist style. Split headlights are a popular design element nowadays, and the ES7 also retains them. In addition, the car is equipped with a "watchtower" sensor composed of lidar and cameras on the roof to provide support for the car's high-level assisted driving.

The appearance improvements are mainly in two aspects. First, the optional color "Moon Gray Silver" has been added, and 22-inch forged high-gloss wheels are also available. Currently, the standard wheels for the 75kWh and 100kWh versions are 20 inches. Users can choose 21- or 22-inch models according to their needs; the 100kWh signature version comes standard with 21-inch wheels, and can be upgraded to 22-inch models. Also available as an option is a six-piston caliper brake system, including orange six-piston Brembo brake calipers and high-performance front and rear ventilated brake discs.

All ES7 series are equipped with smart sensor door handles and electric suction doors as standard, and digital keys and remote car controls using UWB technology are also available on the new car. Like the old model, the DC fast charging interface is located on the right front fender, and the vehicle still does not provide a slow charging interface. The rear shape continuesNIOThe mainstream style of the brand's SUV, the through-type taillights are slender and the rear of the car is thick.

●NIOThe NOMI GPT large model is expected to be used in new cars.

Some of the interior configurations of the car have not changed much, and the overall styling style still focuses on simple and homely style. The interior of the car still has a familiar design style, with very few physical buttons and a large central control screen.NIOThe ET7 is exactly the same. In terms of interior materials, the car adheres to the concept of high-end environmental protection. Renewable rattan wood with special texture is used in 8 places in the whole car. The seat cushions and backrests are made of high-rebound double-layer foam. It not only ensures comfort but also takes into account support.

In terms of intelligent interaction, the car connection system chip has been upgraded from Qualcomm 8155 to 8295, and the computing power has been further enhanced. In terms of technology, the 8295 chip is manufactured using a more advanced 5nm process, while the 8155 is a 7nm process. In terms of computing power, the GPU performance of the 8295 chip has been doubled, and the AI computing power has been upgraded from 4TOPS of the 8155 to 30TOPS. This means that the 8295 chip can drive more displays at the same time, providing passengers with a better visual experience. In addition, the HUD head-up display in front of the main driver has been increased from 8.8 inches to 16 inches, with more information and easier to read. All three configuration models of the 2024 model can be equipped with the N-Box enhanced entertainment host.

"New generation of vehicle artificial intelligence NOMI technology framework"

In terms of systems, NIO’s NOMI GPT large model was officially launched on April 12 and will be simultaneously pushed to models equipped with Banyan NIO’s intelligent system. It is understood that this NOMI upgrade is based on a new technical architecture, and a NOMI GPT device-cloud multi-modal large model is tailor-made for NOMI, including self-developed multi-modal perception, self-developed cognitive center, emotion engine, and multi-expert Agent, which can Connect NIO products, services, and communities to provide more efficient and enjoyable AI services.

The main changes in the car's seats are in the rear rows, and the configuration and performance of the front rows are no different. In addition to a wealth of comfort functions such as electric adjustment and ventilation/heating/massage, the main and passenger seats are all equipped with electric leg rests as standard, providing excellent comfort experience. The rear seats in the three configurations of the 2024 model all have a new massage function, while the 2022 model only provides heating.

In terms of power, NIO ES7 adopts a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive layout, equipped with a maximum power 180kW front permanent magnet + 300kW rear induction motor combination. The combined power is 480kW, the peak torque is 850N·m, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 3.9s, there is no difference in power between the old and new models.

In terms of battery life, NIO ES7 can be equipped with two battery packs, 75kWh and 100kWh. The CLTC operating mileage is 485km (75kWh version), 620km (100kWh version), and 575km (100kWh signature version) respectively. The new car also uses a steel-aluminum hybrid body. All models are equipped with air suspension and CDC dynamic damping control as standard. The 4D body control system based on high-precision maps and high-precision sensors can sense road bumps in advance and actively adjust the suspension.

In terms of intelligent driving systems, all ES7 series are equipped with the Aquila NIO super-sensing system as standard, which achieves assisted driving capabilities above the L2 level. The system has four built-in NVIDIA Orin-X chips, with a total computing power of 1016TOPS.

● Article summary:

The NewNIOThe ES7 has undergone great changes in terms of configuration and intelligence. In addition to some configurations that improve visual effects and comfort, the biggest improvement of the new car is in terms of intelligence. The new central computing platform and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 fourth-generation chip provide this The car's intelligent performance, especially the system interaction speed and NOMI assistant interaction, has reached new heights. At the same time, compared with the 2022 model, there is no change in price. No matter from which point of view, the 2024 modelNIOES7 is better and smarter.

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