Xiaomi Su7
  • Xiaomi Su7Xiaomi Su7
  • Xiaomi Su7Xiaomi Su7
  • Xiaomi Su7Xiaomi Su7
  • Xiaomi Su7Xiaomi Su7
  • Xiaomi Su7Xiaomi Su7

Xiaomi Su7

The Xiaomi SU7 is a cutting-edge electric sedan that embodies elegance, performance, and innovation.

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Product Description

Dazzling details

The finishing touch

Design details complement the overall look. The water drop-shaped headlights, low wind resistance design of the entire vehicle, and four wheel hub designs are integrated with the elegant appearance of the entire vehicle.

*Configuration differs by model version

Axisymmetric design of the driver's position

56-inch HUD

Active side support for driver's position

Driver headrest audio

The main driver's seat has a double-side air pump design that intelligently provides corresponding lateral support when cornering at high speed, assisting in stabilizing the sitting posture and focusing on driving.


Surging power and delicate control

Ride quality and drive fun

Xiaomi Auto’s first product

xIaomI su7

Three years of polishing, full of awe

Tenfold investment in self-research of key technologies

Integrating elegant design, surging performance and ecological technology into a C-class luxury technology sedan. The human and car are integrated into one, and my heart is racing.


Elegant design

stand the test of time

Elegant appearance

Following the "intuitive" aesthetic design concept, Xiaomi SU7's classic smooth body lines are created. classic work

The powerful body lines and naturally stretched body proportions complement each other's elegance and speed.

Elegant front face

Full tail

Smooth side

The 175° rippling curved surface creates a muscular front wheel package that is full of tension and is matched with 1.36 times the width and height of gold.

Compared with the car, the front face of the vehicle is dynamic and elegant.

SU7 Elegant front face Full tail Smooth side The round and full tail lines, combined with the sporty rear spoiler and the highly recognizable family style Halo taillights allow speed and elegance to coexist
car factory
car height
Vehicle width

Following the design proportions of 3 times the wheel-to-axle ratio and 2 times the wheel-to-height ratio, the stretched and smooth waistline and slip-back shape create a smooth and natural side look.

water drop headlights

Highly recognizable family-style light set design

Water drop headlights are equipped with 4-lens, 13-pixel matrix ADB adaptive headlights, which intelligently adjust the illumination range to improve driving safety.

Family-style halo taillights, 360 ultra-red LEDs form a gradient dynamic light strip, and the dynamic light effects are elegant and eye-catching in the night traffic.


Comfortable cabin

Always considerate and appropriate

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C-class cabin space

ergonomic chair

The 3000mm ultra-long wheelbase brings a spacious interior and ample head and leg room. Front

Comfortable riding experience in both the rear rows

ergonomic chair

The seat adopts a multi-layer sandwich structure and the cushions are optimized for waist and spine support. They are wrapped in full-grain Nappa leather, which is soft and comfortable to the touch.

C-level seat and tire space

ergonomic chair

Whole car insulated glass

Double-layer silver-plated canopy, triple-layer silver-plated front windshield, front and rear side windows with sun protection and heat-insulating coating. The entire vehicle has a glass area of 5.35㎡, which provides a clear and bright view and is not afraid of the sun in summer.

xiaomi driver's seat has axially symmetrical design

56-inch HUD

Active side support for driver's position

Driver headrest audio

Align your sitting posture, holding posture, and line of sight with the central axis to reduce wandering eyes and ensure focused driving. The center console is rich in physical buttons for convenience

Fuck, improve driving safety.

D Axisymmetric design of the driving position

56-inch HUD

Active side support for driver's position

Driver headrest audio

Ultra-large display size, ultra-high brightness, and clear display even under strong light and backlighting. 7.7m head-up focusing distance, one screen displays rich information such as navigation, vehicle speed, calls, battery life, etc.

Axisymmetric design of the driver's position

56-inch HUD

Active side support for driver's position

Driver headrest audio

The main driver is equipped with two headrest speakers that support navigation, calls and assisted driving prompt broadcasts without interfering with music playback in the car, making driving more focused.

Plenty of storage space throughout the car

Storage ideas are everywhere

The unique and versatile center console has a large hollow design, making it easy to place large items with you;

It is equipped with a versatile base, storage compartments, hidden hooks, storage tables, glasses cases, and emergency flashlight storage to expand more functions and experiences.

Humanized cockpit storage

Front door panel storage compartment

2 umbrella storage slots

Mobile phone placement that supports wireless fast charging

Extra large glove box

The C-class's wide body and excellent body structure design bring 105L extra-large front and rear trunks, a front trunk and a 517L extra-large trunk that are unparalleled in its class. The space is neatly arranged and reasonably arranged to meet diverse on-board storage needs.



0-100km/h acceleration time

top speed

100-0km/h braking distance

Pleasant driving feel

Tight, comfortable and fun

Xiaomi SU7 has fine-tuned the details of the experience such as power response, linear steering, and braking force one by one. It does not hesitate when starting, does not nod when braking, and has a comfortable driving texture of the entire vehicle despite its excellent performance. A variety of driving mode options can be highly customized to adjust multiple parameters, bringing rich and diverse driving pleasure.

Long Range

All series have long battery life and can travel long distances right from the start




Standard version 76WWh

Pro version 94.3kWh

Max version 101kWh



All-area silicon carbide super 400V high voltage platform

Full range silicon carbide true 800V high voltage platform

138km of battery life after 5 minutes of charging

220km of battery life after 5 minutes of charging

Charging 350km in 15 minutes, battery life

Charging 510km in 15 minutes, battery life

Xiaomi Super Charging Station

Xiaomi home charging pile

Mijia charger and discharge gun 600KW super fast charge|Charge 510km in 15 minutes

Open the cover with one click, plug and charge|7KW/11KW charging power|

2.8kW maximum charging power|220v household power input is gradually deployed nationwide

IP55 protection

3.5KW external discharge power Xiaomi Electric, Shanghai Jianzhong.

*The electric plants and electric ground can be purchased separately:


500+ pieces

576 units

70,300 times

Test charging pile brand

Number of charging faults solved in the industry

National road test test vehicle

Charging times test

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