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BAIC MOTOR EU5 Plus: This upgraded electric vehicle adds more intelligent and safety features on the basis of EU5, such as more advanced autonomous driving technology, intelligent interconnection functions, and a more powerful battery management system, making your driving more convenient, safe, and intelligent. At the same time, it also has longer battery life and more comfortable interior space, making it the best choice for your travel.

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Product Description

As EXV, known as Aecoauto, we are China-based suppliers offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned BAIC MOTOR EU5 Plus.

True comfortable enjoy " good lying aviation level seat collar to lead the user experience comfortable online

Encirped family cockpit layout floating center console large area high quality soft bag, soft tentacles accessible aircraft type shift lever, delicate keys with piano paint panel vision and touch all show delicate and advanced

New 2-generation digital steering wheel integrated multifunctional seat

Advanced material grip is comfortable

The cushion is lengthened, thickened, soft and comfortable six-way seat adjustment + four-way electric waist support integrated multiple voice wake up function

With ventilation, heating, location memory functions, one-click rest and enjoy a leisurely nap mode

True intelligent fun intelligent driving experience driving from now on is not difficult to intelligent online


The startup is convenient and quick

Intelligent air conditioning system health visible

Double 12.3 large screen + wireless charging of mobile phone

Open the door, leave the car, automatically on, off a finger fly screen easily synchronize information

CN95 grade air conditioning filter element and PM2.5 filter have AQS air quality display intelligent car machine convenient and rich

Tencent video application, to provide a rich entertainment experience

Autonavi APP "Send to Car" function, mobile phone car machine seamless

True performance good drive refused range anxiety endurance peace of mind full grid peace of mind online

Automatic power super long standby

Dachang battery is assured and reliable

Small battery automatic supplement function, standby 180 days not loss of electricity Ningde era third generation ternary lithium NCM523 battery

APP push prompt, truly achieve the car carefree and secure full NEDC condition range up to 501km

High-end brand with the same heat pump air conditioning system can save 50% energy consumption

True quality good-looking dynamic technology wind unlock fashion modeling appearance level online

New to the EU5 PLUS


Horizontal flying wing type rear taillight design, young and more charming simple design language, Logo a glance into the soul

17 inch whirlwind shape wheel yi plus, waist line dynamic sharp

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