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We are EXV, also recognized as Aecoauto, and we supply a variety of cars in China, including the renowned BYD Tang EV. BYD Tang EV is a mid size SUV electric vehicle that provides spacious interior space and excellent performance.

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Product Description

EXV, also identified as Aecoauto, functions as a China-based supplier, offering a variety of cars, including the renowned BYD Tang EV.

A luxurious home

The S-Class luxury flagship interior is available for six and seven seats

  • EV Dragon Face design language

  • Through China junction LED taillights

Big six layout

Two rows of independent electric seats, the first and second rows of seats are equipped with ventilation, heating, massage functions, a full range of relaxation, driving and riding have first-class class enjoyment, ultra-wide free space brings a new "enjoy" method

  • 1120/5000 Two rows of independent power seats

    Electric 4-way adjustment + 4-way waist brace + height/wing adjustable headrest + ventilation/heating function

  • One, two row seat massage function

    10-point massage, 5 massage modes, 3 massage intensities

  • Two-row double cup bracket +USB charging port + mobile phone storage slot

  • Wide body reversible handrail

Big seven seat layout

The seats are put down, switched as needed, flexible space, promising to create a "third living space"

  • Mobile Luxury "Third Living Space"

    Just set out, mountains, lakes and seas can be home

  • Large rear storage space

    Can hold the human fireworks, also can hold the stars of the sea

5G Danna Smart Music cockpit

Created by international design master Michael Paganetti, it is a wide luxury space, high-end materials give luxury temperature, and immersive experience pleases every sense

  • HiFi grade custom Danna stereo

  • 31 color interactive intelligent cabin atmosphere light

  • Intelligent fragrance system

  • Steering wheel heating

Electric anti-clip super vision panoramic sunroof

A home with great battery life

730km pure battery life (comprehensive condition)

Maximum 170kW safe booster DC fast charge

High efficiency heat pump air conditioning with wide temperature range

The air conditioning energy consumption is reduced by about 40%, the direct cooling and direct heating efficiency is increased by 20%, and the low-temperature battery life is increased by 10%

A home with high driving control

4.4s 100 km acceleration

Yunlima-c Intelligent damped body control system

Super intelligent electric four-wheel drive

Guard your family's home

Intelligent safe driving assistance

ICC intelligent navigation, LKS active lane keeping, LCA parallel assistance, BSD blind spot detection, AEB active braking, HWA highway driver assistance system, DMS driver monitoring, DOW door opening warning, etc

  • Ultra-safe blade battery

    The 108.8kWh battery capacity, with both long life and long battery life, redefines the new safety standard for new energy vehicles

  • LCB high safety strength body

    Up to 77.4% high strength steel, in the name of quality, to defend the safety of "road tank"

Smart health ecological cabin

The car coating uses water-based environmental protection damping material, three kinds of air purification technology, efficient purification. The standard antibacterial module can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria through active bactericidal factors, significantly improve the smell of the car, improve the air quality in the car, and breathe safely

Smart full grid home

DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system

The whole car is equipped with up to 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter wave radars, 4 intelligent driving round-looking cameras, and 1 intelligent driving high-perception camera

3D holographic transparent image system

DiLink(5G) intelligent network connection system

6 nanometer process, integrated 5G high computing power chip, faster network speed, lower delay; Full scene intelligent voice, closer to human communication; Millions of application ecology, continued the use of smart phones

VTOL mobile power station

The maximum external discharge power is 6kW, which can meet the electricity demand of various outdoor scenes such as self-driving travel and camping

Cloud service intelligent manager

  • Phone/Watch NFC Car keys

  • 50W mobile phone wireless fast charge

W-HUD smart head-up display

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