BYD Seal

BYD Seal

As EXV, also referred to as Aecoauto, we serve as suppliers in China, offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned BYD Seal. BYD Seal is characterized by its compact and flexible model, suitable for daily use in urban environments. It provides excellent fuel efficiency and excellent range.

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Product Description

EXV, known as Aecoauto too, operates as a supplier in China, providing a variety of cars, among which is the renowned BYD Seal.

Leopard · Dot design /

Into the sea

Full of movement

  • Haiyue Flare double U suspension headlights

    The highly distinctive double U-type lamp group is staggered in the headlamp, bringing a three-dimensional eye-catching look, not restrained, full light.


    New ocean aesthetic design, full of future science fiction, inspire unlimited imagination, let people fall in love at first sight.

  • Water drop taillights

    Arranged in a dot matrix, such as ripples spread to light up, with a sense of science and technology at the same time, the dynamic light dripping jump, between the dynamic line, is also a landscape.

  • Haiyun Zhiya enjoy the cabin

    Marine aesthetics from the outside to the inside, pioneering design elements throughout the cabin, and enjoy the quiet space of NVH vehicle conditioning, body and mind freely.

Leopard walk performance

Sea sweep

Be all-powerful and wildly popular

  • Rear/all-wheel-drive power architecture

    550km model +700km model, equipped with the rear driving force structure, more accurate tracking and higher power performance, so that the movement experience is more pure; Four-drive performance version, rear-drive permanent magnet synchronous motor + front-drive asynchronous motor fusion architecture, truly achieve four-drive power, two-drive energy consumption.

  • Front double fork arm rear five-link chassis suspension

    The top suspension configuration creates the most incisive driving control experience, realizes the true sense of human-car integration, and fully activates sports genes.

  • 700km long range

    (700km premium type, 700km performance version CLTC condition)

    Long endurance, easily meet the cross-city and daily commute, no longer endurance anxiety, go to the distance.

  • 100 km acceleration 3.8s

    (four-wheel drive performance version)

    Four-wheel drive version 0-100km/h acceleration time only 3.8 seconds, unparalleled acceleration performance, fully stimulate adrenaline.

Leopard Hair technology

Future territorial sea

Free Internet

  • Light sense canopy

    According to the external light, the transparency can be automatically adjusted, and the eyes are wide vision without shelter, and the scene of everything can be seen from now on.

  • DiLink intelligent network connection system

    Bringing together the wisdom of developers around the world, DiLink intelligent network system accommodates 4 million + applications around the world, comprehensively linking people - vehicles - life, opening a new era of people and vehicles network.

  • DYNAUDIO HiFi grade custom Danna stereo

    Treble sonorous, bass surging, ultra-low distortion rate to create a more pure sound quality performance, three-dimensional surround sound field, enjoy the real hearing feast.

  • Mobile NFC car keys

    Say goodbye to the traditional car key, no network no power can also respond to unlock the door in seconds, refresh the new experience of smart car.

  • W-HUD heads-up display

    With the driver as the center, there is no need to shift your eyes, the driving information can be looked up at a glance, and the display content can be customized to give the personality a sense of science and technology.

  • Driver monitoring assistance system

    The intelligent algorithm is used to judge the driver's fatigue state and attention concentration, and give early warning to improve driving safety.

Leopards rise from strength

Majestic to the Sea

Do as one pleases

iTAC intelligent torque control system

iTAC intelligent torque control technology utilizes the advantages of faster and more accurate motor rotation measurement accuracy compared with wheel speed, and the vehicle status recognition is 50-200 milliseconds in advance, and the vehicle response is faster in extreme conditions such as low attachment, and the control performance is better.

Like honeycomb sandwich structure blade battery

The blade battery is re-evolved to a honeycomb sandwich structure, which will once again improve the demanding safety standards, bring higher efficiency and energy density, and once again improve the safety performance, safety and peace of mind, which is the never-ending pursuit.

Electric drive boost charging

Electric drive boost charging technology, the maximum charging power can reach 150kW, the power from 30% to 80% only 30 minutes, nap moment, instantly full of energy, high energy your every journey.

CTB battery body integration technology

CTB battery body integration technology integrates the battery with the body chassis, greatly upgrades the interior space and cockpit safety, and raises the torsional rigidity of the body to the level of a million luxury cars, bringing stronger handling performance, and redefining pure electric driving control for you to ride freely.

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