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Honda BREEZE Ehev
  • Honda BREEZE EhevHonda BREEZE Ehev
  • Honda BREEZE EhevHonda BREEZE Ehev
  • Honda BREEZE EhevHonda BREEZE Ehev
  • Honda BREEZE EhevHonda BREEZE Ehev

Honda BREEZE Ehev

We are EXV, also recognized as Aecoauto, and we provide a diverse range of vehicles in China, including the prestigious Honda BREEZE Ehev. The Honda Fit is a small model of Honda automobile, which may be known as the Honda Fit in some markets.The Ehev may refer to a hybrid version of the car, i.e., a hybrid powertrain with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine.

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Product Description

EXV, known as Aecoauto, serves as a supplier in China, offering a variety of cars, including the renowned Honda BREEZE Ehev.


BREEZE Hao Ying e: HEV

—— Enjoy the high energy to make life call at any time-



another name for Guangdong Province HEV

The fourth generation

[Newly developed double-motor and two-gear E-CVT]

● Arrange out optimized drive motor and power generation motor

Instead of a parallel shaft structure, the parallel configuration of the drive motor and a small diameter power generation motor, to achieve high torque, but also to ensure the carrying of the engine compartment

● Maximum power of 135kW ● Maximum continuous driving speed

● acrot orque

The maximum power of the 335 Nm ● power generation motor is 120kW


Explore advanced technologies

[Newly developed 2.0-L direct-injection Atkinson engine]

● Through the high combustion pressure direct injection system and multi-segment injection control, the air fuel ratio range is expanded by 30%,

Greatly improving the maximum thermal efficiency and specific power, and further optimizing the fuel economy while improving the driving performance

● maximum power

● Maximum torque of 110kW


● Intelligent and efficient engine drive mode

It is divided into high and low gear clutch, urban slow acceleration / door climbing road scene can be used engine drive to further improve fuel consumption

The fourth generation

Plu-in / hybrid version

A newly developed, efficient and lightweight IPU

[NEDC comprehensive operating condition fuel consumption of 1.0L / 100km * 1] INEDC pure electric range of 91km * l

[NEDC power loss state fuel consumption 4.8L / 100km * l] [NEDC comprehensive range 1060km * 2

["Light" pleasure]

Volume and weight reduced by more than 50%, battery density increased by 120%,

["With" management]

The battery capacity is much larger. Increase the tank capacity by 20L, and increase the battery cooling / heating system shared with the air conditioning function.

Realize the same flat trunk space as the sharp T movement

This improves the output power and recovery performance of batteries in low temperature environment

Honda EV Sound (To start in SPORT mode)

According to the driver's acceleration and deceleration overpotential, the corresponding sound wave, bring a sense of integrated driving experience!


[Better control]

The EV driving range is further expanded, and you can choose the EV mode to drive at any time

["Smart" charging]

ADS full-time adaptive damping system BPHEV

The cooling performance of the charger is further optimized, the maximum charging power is increased by 1.5 times, and the charging time is greatly shortened. The normal temperature only takes 2.5h to be filled-1 The base seal can maintain the temperature based on NEDC conditions

Road conditions

Enough, the actual action of fire control management institutions to build do not use the basic series of books

2 century collection force theory education staff, the village does not know the best for the true topic, beware of water, research background, management committee.

The ASC motion sound waves

[WLTC integrated fuel consumption is as low as 5.49L / 100km *] [Real-Time AWD Intelligent Four-wheel drive System]


The spectrum quality, road block condition, and the height of each practice.

Long and narrow sharp headlights

[Elegant piano black chrome-plated coating] BREEZE

Front and rear bumper lower trim, side styling line, rear spoiler trim, window frame trim


New e: HEV strong electric intelligent hybrid logo

Sports tic blackened 19 inch rim

BREE2E Primer

High energy comfortable space

Car length and wheelbase upgrade extended after the new generation of Hao Ying XATINEW BREEZE), to make more space for enjoyment

Humanized second row of seat simple back multi-angle adjustment, expand the seat back adjustable Angle range, greatly improve the use of diversity and comfort, comfortable to lie down

Flexible and free second-row sliding seat

Add 7 exclusive seats (exclusive to gasoline version)

Only need 1 operation to slide the two rows of seats, easily in and out of the third row can be adjusted 190mm front and back, the space layout is defined by you

BREEZE BER Figure P, Project V



Enjoy a high dimension of comfortable driving

For the first time, the Honda SENSING 360 is super safe. The whole car is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars, and the upgraded camera can jointly monitor the all-round driving environment in real time

The rap body protection is very safe

0 Main / week driving seat front safety gas patient @ Main / reserved driving seat side airbag ④ Main / week driving seat knee airbag ④ front and rear personnel wear side safety air curtain G rear side airbag

ACE bearing type body structure & high rigidity lightweight body

Honda's unique ACE bearing body structure is adopted to fully absorb and disperse energy in case of collision to protect the safety of the occupant area

More than 50% of the vehicle body skeleton uses high strength steel, and A large number of 1500MPa hot formed steel is used in pillar A, pillar B and threshold beam to strengthen the rigidity of the body structure

[Honda Parking Pilot Intelligent Parking Assist]

taraeC B C. four full court one set

Through the convenient physical buttons and screen operation, the automatic parking can be easily started


The camera and radar of the circular vehicle can intelligently identify the nearby parking space and obstacles, and the system can automatically control the operation of the vehicle

Help you to easily park into the parking space. In the scene without parking line, you can also feel the distance of the adjacent vehicles, and realize the side parking of the warehouse

Security super sense



High energy intelligent entertainment cockpit




Wisdom Guangdong interconnection

High energy intelligent entertainment cockpit




Wisdom Guangdong interconnection

Kick induction type electric tail door with anti-clip, remote control, memory function

The trunk is better than the same class. Through the flexible sliding of the seat and the expansion of the seat inversion Angle, it can accommodate long and box luggage, increasing the convenience of use

mium card-type key

801-3:23 BS

Add the charging limit time


Effective scope Any place at home

Convenient reservation charging "plug-in hybrid version exclusive"

* The navigation in the vehicle central control screen has not set the "home location", and the effective range cannot be "home"

Intelligent setting of charging period can avoid charging during high electricity charge period.

No time period

The maximum charging capacity setting function and the maximum flow setting function, can set their own home or charging field,

To achieve effective charging in the most appropriate charging scenario.

Ban cycle Saturday

Thursday Tuesday

Friday, Monday, Sunday

centre A



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