Honda Ve-1
  • Honda Ve-1Honda Ve-1
  • Honda Ve-1Honda Ve-1
  • Honda Ve-1Honda Ve-1
  • Honda Ve-1Honda Ve-1
  • Honda Ve-1Honda Ve-1

Honda Ve-1

EXV, also known as Aecoauto, functions as a supplier based in China, providing a variety of cars, among them the renowned Honda Ve-1. The Honda VE-1 is an electric model that is part of Honda Motor's new energy vehicle range. It may feature electric drive and zero emissions and is suitable for urban commuting and short distance travelling.

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Product Description

As EXV, also referred to as Aecoauto, we operate in China as suppliers, offering a variety of vehicles, including the prestigious Honda Ve-1.

In the corner of the city

Play with the evening wind


Magic night version exquisite debut

Advanced taste cockpit



VE-15 VE·I

Clean blue ambiance interior SBW button shift 8-inch color smart screen generous rear row space

Clean blue atmosphere interior

Blue ornaments can be seen everywhere, and every detail shows the pure electric identity of VE-1.

Advanced taste cockpit


Sports interior spacious and comfortable driving space multi-function advanced sense instrument luxury panoramic skylight

Sports interior

Red ornaments everywhere in the car, carefully create energy space, let you always full of passion.

Advanced taste cockpit




Texture interior 12.3-inch full LCD instrument two-color central control atmosphere light SBW knob type electronic shift mobile phone wireless charging function texture interior

Four-door window one-button automatic lift

3 interior color choices, carefully for you to create texture space.

APP remote vehicle control car lock, car search, air conditioning mobile phone remote one-button control, to bring you a more efficient and more intelligent car life.


Cool black · Bi light cui electricity 100%

Sputum heat was 480km

Vehicle data is uploaded at: 2081-04-16 11:20:50


The first item is the vehicle

"Fish door collar white start door close / car collar close"

Start 9: air conditioning

Air Conditioning Off"

Warning lamp installation / position lantern D lamp

Permanent magnet synchronous motor gear

Permanent magnet synchronous motor free switching of the driving mode of stable control and quick response

Small volume, low energy saving, low noise, no tail gas, high operation efficiency, fast start,

Advanced chassis system

Push the back feeling is strong, and the driving interest is more outstanding. EV car powertrain system

· Maximum power of 120kW

Complete battery protection equipment · Maximum torque of 280 N·m · 0-50km / h acceleration time of 4s

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Free-switching driving mode

Free switching of driving mode with stable control and quick response

Equipped with a variety of driving modes, enjoy comfort, sports, energy saving different driving

Advanced chassis system

Experience, let you freely switch all the way forward of style!

EV car power system comprehensive battery protection equipment


·Normal+B Mode ·Sport+B Mode

· Normal Mode comfort mode · Sport Mode sports mode comfort + strong energy recovery mode

Movement + strong energy recovery mode

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Advanced chassis system with stable handling and rapid response

Free-switching of the driving mode

Using front McPherson type independent suspension and rear torsion beam type semi-independent suspension, powerful amplitude induction type

Stable control and quick response

Shock absorber, by changing the damping to gain handling stability and ride comfort.

Advanced chassis system

· Former McPherson independent suspension EV car power system

· Rear torsion beam type semi-independent suspension

Complete battery protection equipment

Permanent magnet synchronous motor

EV car power system free switch of driving mode stable control and quick response

It is composed of electric motor, battery pack and high integration

Advanced chassis system

EV vehicle system, to achieve higher power performance output and lower energy consumption.

EV car power system comprehensive battery protection equipment

The NEDC comprehensive operating condition range is 470km

· Professional temperature control system

· High integration of three-in-one

· 61.3kWh large-capacity power battery pack

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