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BYD Destroyer 05
  • BYD Destroyer 05BYD Destroyer 05

BYD Destroyer 05

design aesthetics visibleGrab the focus with marine aestheticsStar battleship headlightThe majestic double-lens LED headlights are like the morning star tearing through the long night, coupled with the star dot matrix design, which is highly recognizable and technological, creating a fearless attitu......

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Product Description

design aesthetics visible

Grab the focus with marine aesthetics

  • Star battleship headlight

    The majestic double-lens LED headlights are like the morning star tearing through the long night, coupled with the star dot matrix design, which is highly recognizable and technological, creating a fearless attitude.

  • Geometric dot matrix taillights

    The through-type driving light design at the rear reflects the majesty of the ship's wings, and the swimming Cai Guang sketches the charming scenery of urban travelers.

  • Dot matrix borderless grille

    The design is inspired by the ripples of the sea waves, breaking the boundaries of traditional grilles, simplifying complexity, and intersecting to create the greatest sum of dynamics and momentum, stimulating people's enthusiasm and galloping potential!

  • Ocean rhythm space

    The simple lines naturally extend from the central control panel to both sides, and are paired with integrated Starliner luxury ship chairs to meticulously depict the natural sporty style.

Multi-color interior

For the first time, the innovative interior is equipped with multiple interior color combinations, which are composed of four colors: basalt black, sky gray, quantum matte gray, and glazed jade blue, creating a unique interior texture.

Driving control and practical strength

Poetic distance with advanced strength

Fast acceleration to 100 kilometers in 7.3 seconds

Combining confidence and wildness, it stirs up your passion for control in the surging power, and opens up more possibilities in life with the instant start!

  • Save 3.8L of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers without electricity

    With DM-i super hybrid technology, the fuel consumption in the power-depletion state is as low as 3.8L/100km, and the combined fuel and electric range is up to 1245km (NEDC working conditions), allowing you to always have enough fuel to go far!

  • Quiet and luxurious NVH quiet space

    International masters strive for excellence in NVH vehicle tuning, optimize the body design and use of sound insulation materials to create a luxurious and quiet space, allowing the body and mind to enjoy every journey with ease.

  • Shun·EHS electric hybrid system

    Priority is given to the electric drive method, and the stepless transmission eliminates the shock and frustration caused by strong shifting, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and silky pure electric driving experience.

  • Xiaoyun-Plug-in hybrid dedicated 1.5L high-efficiency engine

    Energy efficiency star, crowned with glory. A number of hard-core technologies achieve a thermal efficiency of 43.04%, taking into account both economy and power, stimulating extraordinary performance and raising driving potential to a new level.

Technology, Intelligent Connection can be learned
Navigate life with all your wisdom

DiLink intelligent network connection

There is no need to wait, the future is within reach. A new generation of diverse and open intelligent ecosystem, new UI design, million-level APP, high human-computer interaction, OTA remote

Upgrades, etc. will create a fun travel experience for you.

  • 128-inch 8-core adaptive suspension PAD

    Narrow-edge design, high screen-to-body ratio, coupled with a powerful hardware architecture platform that supports 90-degree horizontal and vertical screen rotation, let technology give you the confidence to keep pace with the world.

  • Intelligent remote control driving

    Using a mobile phone's short-distance intelligent remote control, you can move your car with one click whether it is a small space or complex road conditions. From now on, parking will be as simple as that.

  • One-click lightning fast charging

    Charging is instant, just in a moment. Equipped with a 17kW DC charging port, it only takes 30 minutes to charge 30%-80% of the battery, allowing you to replenish energy and run on your next journey.

  • NFC digital key

    All models are equipped with NFC digital keys as standard, and now support unlocking with iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices. Say goodbye to the cumbersomeness of traditional car keys. With the NFC digital key in hand, you can just leave.

Guard, safe and inspectable
Dare to move freely with full-dimensional protection

DiPilot intelligent driving assistance function

Insight into the situation, risk assessment, timely response, and forward-looking vision...it is all based on the mission of protecting your safety, allowing you to move freely as you please.

  • 360° high-definition transparent panoramic imaging system

    Master the overall situation and be fearless of blind spots. Look around with 4 high-definition cameras to control the surroundings of your car and forget about parking worries.

  • DM-i Super Hybrid Blade Battery

    BYD's industry's first power battery with pulse self-heating technology integrates high safety, long life, and long battery life. Safety belief fills the heart and long-lasting protection for driving far away.

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