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BYD Escort 07
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BYD Escort 07

aesthetic designShow off your style without restraintWave rhythm front faceThe front face adopts the design concept of marine aesthetics, and combined with the front grille daytime running lights, it appears like ripples, spreading everywhere with the sparkling waves, and the beauty of the rhythm of......

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Product Description

aesthetic design

Show off your style without restraint

  • Wave rhythm front face

    The front face adopts the design concept of marine aesthetics, and combined with the front grille daytime running lights, it appears like ripples, spreading everywhere with the sparkling waves, and the beauty of the rhythm of the waves is gracefully presented.

  • Chasing the waves, body waistline

    The full and powerful side waistline perfectly integrates with the eye-opening design of the headlights, just like a ship entering the sea and moving forward with the waves. It also outlines the three-dimensional and full side profile of the car, and the dynamic driving posture is vividly displayed.

  • Three-dimensional ship tail with wavy waves

    Clean lines and sparkling elegance. The wave vortex taillights echo each other with the double-engine through-type air vortex tail, creating a layered tail shape. Above the sharp edge, it becomes more and more dazzling.

  • 20-inch five-spoke fish knife wheel

    The large-sized sharp fish knife shape wheel meets aerodynamics and highlights the sharp style. It adopts a light and dark two-color design and is decorated with stripes to highlight the sharp aura in the details.

  • Deep sea light and shadow crystal headlights

    The sharp shape reflects the sharp gaze. The LED headlights, combined with the penetrating light strips and the luminous LOGO, jointly create a sullen attitude and dazzling look, presenting an increasingly domineering visual tension and lighting up the charm of the car.

  • Sea Breeze Fantasy LED Light Language System

    When locking and unlocking, the lights will automatically turn on. When charging, different lights will be used to distinguish the fast and slow charging effects. There is no need to enter the vehicle. The battery information is clear at a glance, and the details are interpreted to respect etiquette.

Worry-free power

Navigate the world with strength and fearlessly travel far

EHS electric hybrid system

The electric drive is given priority, so you can say goodbye to gear shifting delays and enjoy a smoother driving quality. In the case of power loss, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 5.3L (NEDC), making driving smooth and comfortable, and showing calmness in both movement and noise.

  • Pure electric range of 205km (NEDC working condition)

    The ultra-long pure electric battery life can fully satisfy daily commuting and open up the pure electric life circle. The comprehensive battery life has reached 1200km+. The battery life is confident and long distances can be traveled more calmly. The longing that was once out of reach has become today's destination.

  • Four-link independent rear body suspension system

    The leapfrog suspension configuration improves the suspension texture while reducing body roll, comprehensively improving passenger comfort, making the journey less bumpy, and making travel enjoyable.

  • Xiaoyun-Plug-in hybrid dedicated 1.5Ti high-efficiency engine

    Innovative technology has evolved again, bringing excellent results and outstanding power. There are two power architectures, DM-i/DM-p, available. The DM-P version accelerates to 100 kilometers in just 4.7 seconds. The power is released in a short time, demonstrating its strong strength.

  • FSD frequency variable damping shock absorber

    According to different road conditions, the vibration damping is automatically adjusted to provide stronger control performance and a more comfortable riding experience, whether the road is smooth or bumpy, and can flexibly respond to changes under the feet, making the journey as comfortable as possible.

Quanwei Technology

Manage every journey with your mind

  • W-HUD heads up display

    Information such as vehicle speed, speed limit, navigation, etc. can be directly projected into the driver's line of sight. The display content is highly adjustable and the driving information can be captured at a glance, keeping you focused on the road ahead.

  • Mobile phone NFC car key

    The Android system can support up to 9 NFC keys, and the Apple system can support up to 16 NFC keys. Say goodbye to the cumbersomeness of traditional car keys. With your phone in hand, you can just leave.

  • 15.6-inch 8-core adaptive rotating suspension PAD

    It adopts 1080p ultra-high-definition resolution and large storage space to hold more exciting content. The horizontal screen can be converted to a solid screen at will, so you can see clearly no matter how you use it.

  • Mobile phone remote control RPA automatic parking system

    After the mobile phone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, you can remotely control the parking space, support self-selected parking spaces, and even choose front/rear parking. Various complex parking scenarios can be solved with one click.

  • Intelligent driving assistance system-DiPilot 10

    The paddle lane changing function and the automatic cruise control system are like your professional driving assistants, helping you to easily navigate various complex scenes. The AEB automatic emergency braking system will firstly understand potential road conditions and protect you.

  • VTOL mobile power station

    It can meet your power needs in a variety of outdoor scenarios. The 6kw external discharge power can empower most household appliances, bringing you and your family more laughter and more beautiful possibilities whether camping or in the countryside.

Keep safe

Impeccable strength protects peace of mind

  • DM-i Super Hybrid Blade Battery

    Rigorous standards and layer-by-layer checks have resulted in long-lasting protection of the DM-i super hybrid blade battery. The safety of your family depends on it, and the demands are never-ending.

  • 360° high-definition transparent panoramic imaging system

    Comprehensively grasp the surrounding information of the vehicle, have a panoramic view of the blind spots, understand the surrounding road conditions, and be safe and confident.

  • High-strength all-round safety vehicle body structure

    The vehicle bottom protection and battery protection are further strengthened, and the impact resistance of the body structure is comprehensively improved. The impeccable strength ensures the peace of mind of the family in all aspects.

  • DMS fatigue monitoring system

    Real-time judgment of the driver's status through intelligent detection, and real-time reminders when the driver is tired. Driving energy may be limited, but driving safety is always online.

Luxurious space

The vast and vast world begins a pleasant journey

  • HiFi-grade 12-speaker Dynaudio audio

    12 customized Dynaudio audio, the sound field is optimized for different positions in the car, and each note is finely tuned, just like singing in the ear, the sound is heard, and the sound of nature lingers.

  • Colorful mozun ambient light

    The 31-color intelligently adjusted ambient light creates a dreamlike feast of light and shadow. The ambient light will also move with the rhythm of the music, and the light and shadow will flow, allowing you to listen to the heartfelt admiration of your senses.

  • Luxurious interior

    A new shell white interior is added, with a simple and elegant design. It enhances the comfort of the driving experience with ultimate purity and elegance. It is visually and tactilely covered. It is covered with soft materials and has the highest quality, making your family smile.

  • 10960cm2 super large panoramic sunroof

    The extra-large sunroof with electric sunshade can be opened to increase the lighting area in the car, and the scenery of all things can be taken in with both eyes, making the journey full of laughter and adding natural fun.

  • Luxuriously enjoy the quiet space of five seats

    The heart is open to all things, and you can enjoy the great success. The 2820mm body wheelbase brings a spacious rear space, the flat rear floor design allows you to have fun on the road, and the large five-seater layout makes it comfortable for the whole family to travel.

  • Integrated wide luxury leather seat

    The seats are covered with large areas of leather, highlighting the style, making it more luxurious and comfortable.

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