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BYD Tang Dmp Championgod of War
  • BYD Tang Dmp Championgod of WarBYD Tang Dmp Championgod of War

BYD Tang Dmp Championgod of War

Let’s sit together in a luxurious homeS-class luxury flagship interior, available with six or seven seatsDragon Face design languageThrough-type Chinese knot LED tail lightBig seven block layoutThe seats can be folded down in stages and switched as needed. The flexible space has great potential to c......

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Product Description

Let’s sit together in a luxurious home

S-class luxury flagship interior, available with six or seven seats

  • Dragon Face design language

  • Through-type Chinese knot LED tail light

Big seven block layout

The seats can be folded down in stages and switched as needed. The flexible space has great potential to create a "third living space"

  • Mobile luxury "third living space"

    Just set out, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas can be your home

  • Extra large rear storage space

    It can hold the fireworks of the world, and it can also hold the stars and the sea

5G Dynaudio Smart Music Cockpit

This masterpiece is designed by international design master Michele Paganetti. It has a wide and luxurious space. High-end materials give luxury a warmth. The immersive experience delights every sense.

  • HiFi-level customized Dynaudio audio

  • 31-color interactive smart cockpit atmosphere light

  • Steering wheel heating

  • Electric anti-pinch super vision panoramic sunroof

Large six-seat layout

Second-row independent electric seats. The first- and second-row seats are equipped with ventilation, heating, and massage functions to soothe the body and mind in an all-round way. Both driving and riding have first-class enjoyment. The ultra-wide free space brings a new way of "enjoyment"

  • Second row independent electric seats

    Electric 4-way adjustment + 4-way lumbar support + height/side adjustable headrest + ventilation/heating function

  • First and second row seat massage function

    10-point massage, 5 massage modes, 3 massage intensities

  • Second-row dual cupholders + USB charging port + mobile phone storage slot

  • Wide body reversible armrest

A home to explore the world together

  • 4.3 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers

  • 1020km comprehensive cruising range
    215km pure electric range (comprehensive working conditions)

6.5L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers (comprehensive operating conditions

Protect your family's home together

Super hybrid-specific power blade battery takes into account both high-efficiency performance and battery safety (pictures are for illustration only, vehicle configurations are subject to actual vehicle)

Intelligent safe driving assistance

ICC intelligent pilot, LKS active lane keeping, LCA merging assist, BSD blind spot detection, AEB active braking, HWA highway driving assistance system, DMS driver monitoring, DOW door opening warning, etc.

LCB high safety strength body

Up to 77.4% high-strength steel, safeguarding the safety of "road tanks" in the name of quality

Intelligent health ecological cabin

The interior painting of the car uses water-based environmentally friendly damping materials and three air purification technologies for efficient purification. The standard antibacterial module effectively inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria through active bactericidal factors, significantly improving the interior odor and improving the air quality in the car for safe breathing.

DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system

The entire vehicle is equipped with up to 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimeter wave radars, 4 smart driving surround-view cameras, and 1 smart driving high-perception camera.

3D holographic transparent imaging system

DiL ink (5G) intelligent network connection system

6nm process, integrated 5G high computing power chip, faster network speed, lower latency; full-scenario intelligent voice

VTOL mobile power station

The maximum external discharge power is 6kW, meeting the power needs of various outdoor scenarios such as self-driving travel and camping.

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