As EXV, also referred to as Aecoauto, we serve as suppliers in China, offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned Neta GT. Neta GT leads the trend in the automotive industry with its excellent performance, elegant appearance, and comfortable interior, adding infinite fun to your life.

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EXV, known as Aecoauto too, operates as a supplier in China, providing a variety of cars, among which is the renowned Neta GT.

Which zha

New generation of GT technology electric run

Which is the GZ Sport version

Pure sports car design


zero point seven s

NETA PILOT 2.5 CLTC endurance

Double horizon journey 3 chip + advanced intelligent driving assistance

17.6-inch central control screen + Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip + 1.337m² dome canopy 2-door 4-seat sports car shape + 1.40 aspect ratio

Supercar level zero hundred acceleration

Pure sports car design

Two doors and four shapes

Ad wide body design (1.40 aspect ratio)

25.8° Gold side window inclination 1.4m frameless door

0.21 Cd low wind resistance graceful curve 0.50 sports car class wheel high car high ratio

Excellent sports car performance

The moment you press the accelerator pedal, the adrenaline will continue with the speed pointer!

3.7s supercar with 0-100 km/h acceleration capability

The surging power brought by the dual motors allows the Nezha GT to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.7s. When you press the accelerator pedal, the adrenaline will continuously surge with the pointer.

32m supercar braking for 100 kilometers

Equipped with four piston fixed sports calipers and Michelin PS4 tires, the braking level is at the forefront of sports models.

Yudian Energy Storage One Click Ejection Mode

The trendy and cool sports car exclusive mode can also be found on the Nezha GT. In catapult mode, the Nezha GT preloads torque and releases maximum acceleration performance, combined with instruments, ambient lights, simulated sound waves, etc., providing drivers with a fresh and exciting catapult start driving experience in all directions.

Millions of luxury experiences

21° field of vision height without blind spot field of view GT toughness sense frame adjustment

12 Speaker 5.1.4 Sky Sound integrated GT sports seat

Space capsule / catwalk class driving is silent

Enough quiet car space, to let the drivers and passengers feel to the end of China, immersive enjoyment. Which zha GT adopts serious silent technology design, extremely quiet Chinese driving experience, dense sound insulation system and perfect abnormal sound control, to create a quiet car space for users.

Space capsule level driving is silent

1.337m ² Dome panoramic canopy

The Nezha GT has a super large panoramic sunroof with an area of 1.337 meters. The sunroof and rear windshield are integrated into the car, which meets the requirements of aerodynamics and allows passengers inside the car to experience unprecedented spacious lighting

GT toughness suspension adjustment

The top luxury team carefully adjusted the test, multiple rounds of real vehicle verification, professional development process to explore the optimal combination, the shock absorber adjustment range is large, while meeting the requirements of operation stability, and brings comfortable buffer experience for the car personnel through excellent toughness

The engineer of the GT set the throttle response to 200ms, balancing the driving fun and daily driving ease.

297 + 50-liter front and rear double backup compartment

The front and rear double backup compartments provide a total of 347 storage space, ready to travel ready

Which zha

12 Speaker 5.1.4 Sky Sound Effect

The vehicle in the static state, through which zha big taddoor function can fully display the user's personality, three functions of the drainage trend, such as a key propaganda, fun sound, multimedia, so that users fully enjoy the characteristics of entertainment intelligent exclusive, sports car can also be very entertainment, very intelligent.

Generation Z intellectual fun experience

Which zha GT to build a comprehensive intelligent air cabin, both driving control fun and cockpit intelligence, interconnection, entertainment to give users a better car experience

7 nano process, faster and stronger terminal processing capacity, 8 core CPU, make the system operate more smooth

Snapdragon Snapdragon

The 17.6-inch central control screen

The super large central control screen, with a resolution of up to 2.5K (2500 * 1600).

Multifunctional suspension steering wheel

The three high hug air shapes common in the sports car are adopted, which matches the interior color scheme, the wiring harness is highly integrated, and the layout is simple. The left and right sides are ball buttons with operable multimedia and driver assistance functions, and the driver can operate interactively by sliding and clicking

4D music cockpit

Through the integration of hearing, touch, vision and smell, the cockpit immersive music experience is further enhanced. When the user plays multimedia, the system automatically integrates the seat, sound, atmosphere lights and fragrance to create an immersive cockpit experience

Which zha custom tone is so good


Well, you say

<1 session / 15 h> 97%

<1.8s <0.5 seconds

Miswake rate

Wake up success rate

Online instruction average response speed

Wake up the response speed

The function of the vehicle UI interface subject to the delivery of service products can be realized after OTA upgrade

Full-scene intelligent voice assistant

Mobile Party Space (K-Song / Cloud Games)

The GT redefines the voice interaction, combined with the two characteristics of "visible and spoken" and "full scene voice operation", to provide you with an unprecedented voice control experience

Shooting simulation

Recommend the hot list of leisure puzzle

Role-playing the word-of-mouth list action

Buy the Thunderstone official Microphone miHoYo Thunderstone KTV

The original god

Seconds to play

Travelers, you and I can be classified as gods

star singer

The contact here mentioned that Classify


Scan the code to order the song of my Personal

Scan code A Point is already made

Full-scene intelligent voice assistant

Mobile Party Space (K-Song / Cloud Games)

The cockpit of which zha GT can not only provide an excellent experience of comfortable travel and leisure and rest, but also become an entertainment space for friends' parties. Equipped with K song and cloud game two major leisure and entertainment functions, so that the leisure time in the car is more wonderful

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