EXV, known as Aecoauto too, operates as a supplier in China, providing a variety of cars, among which is the renowned Neta X. The Neta X is a luxury sports car with excellent acceleration and handling, taking you on an unparalleled journey of speed. It is equipped with advanced technological equipment, such as autonomous driving assistance systems, to provide more convenience for your driving.

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As EXV, also referred to as Aecoauto, we serve as suppliers in China, offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned Neta X.

Neta X  Atmospheric, Comfort, New benchmark 9.98

vehicle width

Wheelbase car height


2770mm 1860mm


Comfortable space, an ideal home

8TOPS 7nm

8 Accounting force

High performance processor

Snopdrogon Just look for it

Ultra wide color gamut

high resolution

Widest design at the narrowest point

NTSC85%1920*1080 6.7mm

Continuous interaction time wake-up response speed

Visible, you can say that the recognition rate is 99%

120 Seconds

300 milliseconds

AI computing power 5 TOPS, high performance and low power consumption, and strong expansion

Horizon Robotics


Adaptive range (ACC) open door warning (DOW) · rear parking radar warning

· Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB)

· Reversing image with dynamic guide line · Intelligent far / near light (HBA) 360° panoramic image (AVM) · Lane correction assist (LKA) · Original return auxiliary (TBA) blind area monitoring (BSD) transparent chassis

· Rear Target Crossing Warning (RCTA) · Traffic Sign Identification (TSR)

· One-button Remote Control Parking (RPA)

· AEB with pedestrian and bicycle recognition, Intelligent Cruise Assist (ICA), Traffic Congestion Assist (TJA) parallel assist (LCA)

· Lane departure warning (LDW)

· Assisted driving simulation display (SR) · Automatic parking (FAPA)

· Front touch warning (FCW) · Front parking radar warning

Cell accurate selection | 2310 + system safety test | network format module design

1000 + °C space class thermal insulation | cabin Pack box structure | IP68 seal and WF2 class corrosion prevention

H-EPT 4.0 battery constant temperature thermal management system


Single charge

Winter driving

Low-temperature charging saves energy consumption

Battery life promotion

Efficiency improvement

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