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Song Plus Dmi
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Song Plus Dmi

Good-looking OakMarine aesthetic designGood looks, salty or sweetIce-breaking sharp sports front faceThe front face design is sharp and angular, with sharp and concise lines and firm eyes, showing off its appearance and bringing its own aura.Seagull wings dynamic waistline designThe swooping posture......

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Product Description

Good-looking Oak

Marine aesthetic design

Good looks, salty or sweet

  • Ice-breaking sharp sports front face

    The front face design is sharp and angular, with sharp and concise lines and firm eyes, showing off its appearance and bringing its own aura.

  • Seagull wings dynamic waistline design

    The swooping posture is like the wings of a chicken of the sea being swept back, making it more dynamic when running.

  • Ice crystal frost penetrating LED taillight

    The family's through-type LED taillights incorporate 3D three-dimensional ice crystal gradient texture, creating a refined atmosphere.

  • ice crystal frost wheel yi

    Inspired by the "ice crystal" cutting technique, it combines bright and black contrast to make movement more agile.

safety oulke

ePlatform 3.0

Safe, everywhere

  • High safety and long life blade battery

    High safety and long life blade battery, iron phosphate material engraved safety into DNA, safety is the biggest luxury of electric vehicles.

  • High strength body structure

    The amount of high-strength steel is as high as 61%, which is at the leading level in its class and can provide the most direct safety protection for the vehicle occupants.

  • 4 airbags standard

    Complete passive safety devices, standard main/passenger airbags and front and rear through-type side curtain airbags, try to minimize the damage to the vehicle occupants caused by collision accidents.

  • electronic vehicle stability system

    All series are equipped with an electronic vehicle stabilization system as standard, which can effectively maintain vehicle body stability under various conditions and improve vehicle safety and controllability.

  • 30 minutes lightning fast charging (at normal temperature, Soc30%-80%)

    With the maximum power of 40kW flash charging, you can say goodbye to waiting for charging in just one cup of coffee.

  • Comparable to Class A spacious space

    Small body, but also large space, the shaft is 2500mm long, and you can enjoy the leapfrog space.

  • DiLink test network connection

    Just say "Hello, Xiaodi" and a floating smart PAD can link the whole scene of people, cars and life, and interact with you online at any time.

  • easy-going control

    Ergonomic design, one-button start, simple and labor-saving operation, so easy!

  • Multiple intelligent opening modes

    Smart keys, BYD Ocean APP cloud service remote control, Bluetooth keys, mobile phone NFC car keys and other unlocking methods are convenient and safe, and can be summoned at will.

  • Extra large luggage space

    It can easily store two 24-inch suitcases, and the capacity is up to 930L when the seats are folded down to meet diverse travel needs.

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