• BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3
  • BMW iX3BMW iX3


As EXV, known as Aecoauto, we are China-based suppliers offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned BMW iX3. The BMW iX3 is an electric version of the BMW X3 and a pure electric SUV. It inherits the practicality and driving performance of the X3, and incorporates an electric drive system, providing a zero emission driving experience.

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Product Description

EXV, also identified as Aecoauto, functions as a China-based supplier, offering a variety of cars, including the renowned BMW iX3.

Interpret a dynamic posture in a pure electric style

The exterior design of the pure electric BMWiX3

Integrating the pure electric New Lake City Beauty with the BMWX family design language, achieving the overall posture of the pure electric BMWX3. The lines of Qu Li run from the front passenger to the rear of the car, outlining a dynamic body wheel pattern; The sharp edges exude a strong momentum, and between movement and stillness, pure nature is about to emerge, showcasing the momentum of galloping.


BMW i's iconic design

The BMW brand design language of Mingyang Yi is spread throughout the body of the car, and the unique semi enclosed double kidney grille adds the BMW logo, paired with a blue exclusive design of a child shaped air intake, making all BMW brands

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Mouth One

3D stereoscopic effect adaptive LED headlights

Reduce waste by about 10 millimeters and shape a sharp offensive; The simple and slender shape of the light strip inside the headlights outlines a unique charm, deep like a torch, and full of personality.

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3D suspended LED taillights

3D suspended LED taillights that require black color scheme, showcasing sportiness

Spiritual appearance, highly recognizable C-shaped light strip, fully displaying tension,

Attracting followers to follow.

From the outside to the inside, showcasing extraordinary taste

Luxury interior design of pure electric BMWiX3

Stepping into the interior of the pure electric BMW iX3, the exquisite design and meticulous attention throughout the car bring an extraordinary Suohua experience. The spacious and flexible interior enhances driving comfort, paired with comfortable seats specifically designed for the Chinese market, opening up a stylish experience.

A reliable choice for continuous improvement

Thanks to its excellent aerodynamic design and high-power high-voltage battery, the pure electric BMWiX3 has a maximum pure electric range of 540 kilometers (under CLTC testing standards), making pure electric travel less anxious and uneasy. The newly upgraded high-efficiency transmission system, combined with BMW's exclusive adaptive energy recovery system, further increases mileage while reducing energy consumption to 15.2 dry watt hours per 100 kilometers.

The vehicle range data is a test result obtained based on the comprehensive working conditions of CLTC. The actual range may vary due to factors such as driving habits and operations, vehicle weight, battery usage time and status, environment and climate conditions.

Chinese unique comfortable experience seats

All comfortable seats are specifically designed for the Chinese market, with thickened cushions and backrests, and wrapped in Sensatec 2.0 synthetic leather for excellent breathability and a more delicate touch. Luxury texture, all in detail experience.

M sport multifunctional leather steering wheel

The multifunctional leather steering wheel with M logo removed and added features a three spoke design, complemented by a dark aluminum alloy blue shaped interior strip, exuding a sporty and understated look.

Panoramic glass sunroof

Open the fully exposed glass to allow natural light and fresh air to enter freely, instantly creating a comfortable and pleasant car interior chlorine enclosure; The newly added electric sliding and lifting functions can be automatically opened and closed through the car buttons or using the car key.

Exciting power, charged with sensation

The pure driving pleasure of the pure electric BMWiX3

Combining excellent power, efficiency, and innovation, it opens up a new realm of electric driving. The pure electric BMW iX3 is equipped with the fifth generation BMW eDrive electric drive system and a newly developed high-voltage battery, achieving excellent electric driving performance.


Energy recovery system

By converting the kinetic energy generated during deceleration and braking into electrical energy, and driving the bitter battery back to high voltage, the driving range is increased; The four level adjustable setting of D-gear kinetic energy recovery helps to meet the personalized needs of drivers and improve driving comfort.

Servo power steering system

Equipped with electric power steering function, it can form a direct and sensitive steering response, bringing a flexible and precise steering feel. It can also improve handling during daily driving, reduce the steering wheel control required for parking and turning, and calmly control every journey.

Highly integrated transmission unit

The fifth generation eDrive electric drive system innovatively integrates the motor, transmission, and power electronic components into an aluminum alloy housing, greatly saving space while effectively reducing vehicle load; The instant acceleration response enhances driving pleasure; Abandoning the use of rare earth materials in the production process of motors to truly achieve energy sustainability.

Intelligent technology elevates luxury once again

BMW Smart Personal Assistant is like a thoughtful vehicle expert, through which users can grasp various detailed information, such as understanding the vehicle's status, efficient driving methods, and language control. Meanwhile, innovative information and entertainment features composed of Baidu Car Life or Apple CarPlay can provide users with entertainment information and content. Every departure is an ultimate comfortable journey.

Convenient digital life, easy to start

The upgraded MyBMW App combines various innovation service functions, combined with interconnected charging and navigation functions, allowing users to fully utilize the mileage limit of their BMW X3, plan the optimal driving route, and reach their destination with ease

The land.

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