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Mercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA
  • Mercedes Benz EQAMercedes Benz EQA

Mercedes Benz EQA

EXV, also referred to as Aecoauto, operates as a China-based supplier, providing a variety of cars, with the renowned Mercedes Benz EQA among them. Mercedes Benz EQA is a new pure electric compact SUV launched by Mercedes Benz, with modern design and excellent electric performance. It is a member of the Mercedes Benz electric vehicle series.

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Product Description

As EXV, known as Aecoauto, we are China-based suppliers offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned Mercedes Benz EQA.

For you, the new generation of EQA pure electric SUV

EQA260 Pure electric SUV

Electric vehicle range 619 kilometers

0-100 km/h acceleration in 8.6 seconds

Pioneer in design

What is the Pioneer luxury design? No explanation is required


Because the focus that it creates on the road is the flogging case. Pioneer electric aesthetics, staged anytime and anywhere staged.

At first sight, fall in love

Pure electric family iconic pioneer design, and answer with the "dark night star yong" closed front grille, this unique design language, for you to create an emotional exclusive memory.


You are electricity, you are the light

The guardian of the night, with five stars. The taillight can also automatically adjust the brightness, prevent dazzle, more friendly to the car behind, travel more at ease.

Double screen design, fun in pairs

1920 * 720 ultra-high resolution touch screen, close in front of you, all at the fingertips.

The atmosphere group, which is in place

Built-in ten theme Settings, more nebula streamer accessories support, at any time with the moment, for the atmosphere you want added color!

The Art of Electric Power EGA 260

The wave of the vanguard, along with the wind and lightning, is coming out in a flash. Since then, feel the fun of pure electric driving

Life freedom, start from the mileage

73.5 kWh battery capacity, the maximum 619 km CLTC pure battery life gives you the freedom to go.

Close the car door and enjoy the world of art quietly

In the quiet space created by EQA for you, enjoy the unique elegant driving texture of Mercedes-Benz electric car. When driving becomes an art, it is an unprecedented experience. That moment, you will be immersed in it

Play the game, and you set out

With dc fast charging, the power can be restored from 10% to 80% within 45 minutes, and the game time is full of blood.

There are no small things about breathing

Efficient purification of air, real-time monitoring of the air quality outside the car, efficient filtration, refresh


Clean space inside the new car.

Smart tide

Pioneer electric trend, derived from the intelligent luxury. Comprehensive digital intelligent experience, take you to control the future in advance

No Phone navigation, the big screen is more good

Autonavi's customized navigation system, combined with EQ optimized navigation function, can optimize navigation path planning to provide efficient on-way charging solutions according to the current energy consumption value, road conditions, charging stations and other information. At the same time, the AR real scene crossing function is integrated to capture the road information in front of the vehicle and display it in the central control screen in real time.

Intelligent escort, the journey of peace of mind

Equipped with intelligent pilot steering function, intelligent pilot distance limit function, blind spot assist system, active lane keeping assist system, active braking assist system and avoidance steering assistance system, you will always pay attention to the surrounding environment and make the journey at ease.

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