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Mercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE
  • Mercedes Benz EQEMercedes Benz EQE

Mercedes Benz EQE

EXV, known as Aecoauto too, operates as a supplier in China, providing a variety of cars, among which is the renowned Mercedes Benz EQE. Mercedes Benz EQE is a new pure electric luxury sedan that Mercedes Benz is about to launch, providing advanced electric technology and Mercedes Benz's traditional luxury experience. It is an important member of Mercedes Benz's electric vehicle series.

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Product Description

As EXV, also referred to as Aecoauto, we serve as suppliers in China, offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned Mercedes Benz EQE.


6.2 sec…


Battery capacity

90.6 kwh

EPA-estimated electric


305 mi tt

Progressive power electrifies atradition of never standingstill.With innovation in

confidence,comfort,and howyou connect to the road and tothe world,the EQE keeps youat the forefront.

touch more intelligent.

Dual digital displays each measure more than afoot,respond to less than a hand.The EQE 500'snew Hyperscreen unites three displays in a full-width span of glass.MBUX can recognize yourfingerprint,respond to your natural speaking,and evolve over time.

A more personallzed personal assistant.

Zero Layer menu tech brings relevant commandsto the forefront on the fly.A liftalike,multilingualdigital assistant can operate and explainfeatures,recognize occupants by theirvoice,learn over time,and stay in tune with EVdriving needs.

Better ways to show you the way.

MBUX Navigation with Electric Intelligence can

optimize your route, adapt driving assists, and

adjust to traffic on the fly to make your journey

faster and easier, including charging stops.It can

overlay directions on live video of a turn, or

project them via Head-Up Display,

Headlights that brighten and enlighten.

Available DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps preciselyilluminate the road via millions of pixels,adapting to the road and traffic ahead,andprojecting alerts directly on your view of theroadway.Theyl even welcome you and bid youfarewell.

A keen sense of your surroundings.

Advanced sensors keep watch like an unblinking

eye.Standard systems can ease parking,and easeyour mind after you lock up and go.Help make ftsafer to change lanes,or exit the car.A suite ofdriver assists is standard on most models!

From intrigue to invisibility.

The EQE is designed to cheat the wind,not youreyes.Countless aero details of its "one bow"body shape help to cut drag and wind noise,particularly important in an electric car.Butstylish elements reward your glance,like agrille that's radiant with tiny Stars.

Dressed to the nines,and the 21s.

EQE wheels roll your way with six designs:four20-inch styles and two 21s.Among

them,two AMG wheels accentuate the AMG LineExterior option's muscular lower bodywork.AnAMG Line Interior packages sporty cabin detailsfoim seats to nedals B

Climate change for the better.

Freer breathing starts at home in the EQE,withthe ability to pre-condftion the cabin while irsstill plugged in.As you travel,available HEPAfiltration,ionization and fragrance can help puritythe air or even infuse it with subtle aroma.A newheat pump can maintain comfort more efficiently.

Taut lines outside,light lines inside.

The EQE's physique is tensed like an archer'sbow to be sleek yet spacious.Ambient lightingoutlines the flowing dash,console and even thedraped upholstery of the front seats.Activeighting and massage options can furtherenhance your sense of well-being.

The state of the art of sound.

Quiet electric motoring is a blank canvas.Expertsin acoustics,media design and physics developedEQE Sound Experiences that adapt to your drivingmode and mood.And you can stream AppleMusics in studio-qualirty Spatial Audio,teamingDolby Atmos⁹with Burmester³3D SurroundSound,

The energy of engineering.

From clever magnets to battery software that canupdate over the air,this is an EV from and for thefuture.The EQE 350 and EQE 3504MATIC cansend 288 hp to the rear wheels or all four.The EQE5004MATIC sends 402 hp.Electrified 4MATIC*all-wheel drive can adapt in milliseconds,free-wheel for enhanced range.

Roomy in the cabin,a compact in corners.

With available 4-wheel steering,the rear wheelscan help tighten low-speed turns by up to six feet.At speed,it can offer more stable,swifter lanechanges and evasive maneuvers.The brakes arereengineered for more natural pedal feel

The multitalented multilink,or adaptive air.

The multilink suspension,invented by Mercedes-Benz,delivers refined agilrty from all four wheels.Available AIRMATIC can adapt at each wheel toloads,roads,and drive modes.Speed-basedlowering can enhance range and handling

Electric made easy.

Along with up to 298 miles of driving range andbrisk response,an industry-advancing chargingecosystem offers over 60,000 public chargepoints nationwide with the assurance of greenenergy.Intelligent navigation sets a new standalfor electric motoring simplicity.

Charge forward,at no charge.

Mercedes me Charge helps simplify locating,using and paying for charging on all major Usnetworks.Purchasing or leasing a new EQEincludes complimentary 30-minute sessions atElectrify America DC fast chargers for two years.

Start the day charged at home.

Mercedes-Benz is helping make home-chargingeasy,smart and furure-ready.Dedicated portalswith ChargePoint and Qmerit are designed tohelp you purchase and arrange installation of ahighly rated home wallbox that's engineered towork seamlessly with your EQE!20]

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