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Mercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV
  • Mercedes Benz EQE SUVMercedes Benz EQE SUV

Mercedes Benz EQE SUV

Mercedes Benz EQE SUV is a new pure electric luxury SUV that Mercedes Benz is about to launch. It combines the practicality of SUVs with the environmental performance of electric vehicles, and will bring consumers a new driving experience.

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Product Description

EXV, also known as Aecoauto, functions as a supplier in China, providing a variety of cars, with the renowned Mercedes Benz EQE SUV among them.



The elevation of electric.


Some traditions areborn to be advand a

Like every Mercedes-Maybach before it,it's likenothing before it.It's crafted to redefine travel whileadvancing cherished traditions.It's sculpted tocommand the wind and captivate the eye.Electric,elegant and exhilarating are all redefined for a new


The soothing power of light.

Active ambient lighting employs 253 individuallycontrolled LEDs to set a cabin mood that suits your

own.Extending to the ceiling and enveloping the rearseats,Maybach-exclusive rose gold and amethystglow are among its 64 colors.

Emblematic of magic.

The double-M insignia represents a harmony ofengineering and artistry like no other.It's echoedthroughout the vehicle in patterns or singularly,fromwelcome lighting to plush headrest pillows to theclassically inspired pedals.

With the Executive Rear Seat Package Plus,twin rearseats rival executive jets and high-end spas.Massaging calf rests.Folding tables.Cupholders thatwarm and cool.Even a champagne chiller,to whichyou can add a pair of bespoke silver flutes.

Shades of superlative.

Maybach MANUFAKTUR cabin fittings elevate yourexperience even higher.Exquisite Crystal Whiteleather and four wood trim choices bring old-worldhandcraftsmanship to a high-tech environment.

Comfort extends to new dimensions.Lavishaccommodations for four or five are lined withvegetable-tanned leathers and natural woods.Puritydefines the air you breathe,the hushed ambience,and the soulful indulgence.


Thoughtful is thefountainhead of ingenius

Intuitive technology is designed with you foremost in mind,and can get to knowyou better over time.It's how a Maybach responds to all your senses,includingsatisfaction and well-being.

What is good must also bebeautiful

Wilhelm Maybach-Founder


A seamless,near-silent torrent of torque rushes to allfour wheels,each poised on pressurized air and ableto steer as well as drive.Confidence is the keywordfrom sharp turns to steep trails,and from instantresponse to impressive range.


Agile 4MATIC* intelligently apportions torque to all

four 21-inch wheels, to take changing seasons and

surfaces in stride. It can adapt 100 times per minute,

or decouple the front motor to enhance driving range

Height of comfort,breadth of


Self-leveling,height-adjustable AIRMATIC°suspension adapts to roads and ruts,cornering andloading,as well as your selected drive mode.Off-roadinnovations include a virtual transparent hood display.

Smoother moves,tighter


The rear wheels can steer up to 10 degrees,with oropposite the front wheels.At speed,the intelligentsystem can expedite lane changes and help stabilizecornering.Yet you can park the spacious Maybach EQSlike it's a smaller car.

An electrifying range of benefits.

Electric can feel easy with up to 280 miles of drivingrange,intelligent navigation,and over 60,000 chargepoints nationwide.You also get two years ofcomplimentary 30-minute sessions at ElectrifyAmerica DC fast chargers.Dedicated websiteswith ChargePoint and Qmerit help you prepare foreasy home charging,

Wholehearted passion,level-

headed precision.

Twin electric motors and a near-400-volt lithium-ionbattery can deliver a combined 649 hp and 700 lb-ftof torque.It can rush you from 0 to 60 mph in justover four seconds.And recharge its battery from 10 to80 percent in just half an hour.

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