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Honda e:NS1
  • Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1
  • Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1
  • Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1
  • Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1
  • Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1
  • Honda e:NS1Honda e:NS1

Honda e:NS1

As EXV, known as Aecoauto, we are China-based suppliers offering a variety of vehicles, including the renowned Honda e:NS1. The Honda e:NS1 is a compact electric car developed by Honda for the Chinese market. It's designed to be affordable and eco-friendly, catering to the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

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Product Description

EXV, also identified as Aecoauto, functions as a China-based supplier, offering a variety of cars, including the renowned Honda e:NS1.

Equipped with complete in car neural grid technology, perceived intelligence can be seen because of you being more at ease

Honda CONNECT 3.0 Intelligent Navigation Interconnection

·Intelligent voice interaction and precise navigation function. Rich entertainment functions and making phone calls

·Vehicle search

·Voice controlled vehicle · remote vehicle control. Car key sharing, shopping/food delivery

·Forgetting reminder

·OTA upgrade

·Home control/daily life interconnection

·Keyless start/digital key is

Driver State Perception System · FaceID

·Dispersion force monitoring and fatigue monitoring

·Dangerous driving posture monitoring·

·Emotional monitoring

External power supply function
Park Assist
10.25-inch full LCD intelligent instrument
Smartphone interconnection
Intelligent and efficient pure electric architecture

High insulation and fireproof mica board

Integrated aluminum profile lower box body

Acid/E version CLTC with a range of 420km

The e-version/e-environment version of CLTC has a range of 510km

High performance ternary lithium batteries

Yanyuan Fireproof SMC Material Multiple Sealing Upper Shell


Distributed Battery Management System (BMS)

The FCW pre collision warning system detects the vehicle in front through the camera, determines the possibility of rear end collision with the vehicle in front, and when the possibility is high, issues an alarm to remind the driver to pay attention.
The BSI blind spot monitoring system can monitor the blind spot behind the vehicle at any time. When a vehicle appears, it will remind the driver to pay attention through the indicator signs and warning sounds in the rearview mirror.
The CTM rear view dynamic reminder system can detect approaching vehicles or dynamic objects in the blind spot when reversing and exiting the vehicle. If a vehicle approaches, the alarm sound will sound and a warning will be displayed on the rear view camera screen.
The TSR traffic sign intelligent recognition system detects road signs (speed limits) through cameras, displays the content of the signs, and reminds drivers to pay


The RDM lane departure suppression system recognizes the lane through the camera. When a vehicle deviates from the lane, it provides alarm prompts and steering wheel vibration prompts, while also assisting the vehicle in turning back to the lane.

The LDW lane departure warning system detects the lane where the vehicle is located through a camera, determines the possibility of deviation, and when the possibility is high, issues an alarm to remind the driver to operate to avoid dange
The CMBS collision mitigation braking system detects vehicles and pedestrians ahead through cameras and microwave radar. When there is a possibility of collision and danger, it prompts and issues an alarm. Under certain conditions, the vehicle will automatically brake to assist the driver in mitigating collisions and injuries.
The ACC active cruise control system (with LSF low-speed following function) detects the distance and speed difference between its own vehicle and the vehicle in front through the camera and microwave radar, and automatically adjusts its own speed to maintain a certain safe distance from the driving ahead.
The TJA traffic congestion assistance system detects the safe distance and lane departure assistance of the preceding vehicle through cameras and microwave radar when driving at low speeds, reducing the driver's load.
The LKAS lane keeping assistance system detects the lane in which the vehicle is located through a camera and assists in applying steering wheel steering operations to keep the vehicle driving in the lane.

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